EastEnders: Mick Carter's mystery injury revealed as he returns to Walford

MICK Carter returns to the soap with an injured face next week in EastEnders. 

Mick left Walford to spend some time with his son Lee last week after struggling to come to terms with the abuse he suffered at the hands of his former care worker Katy Lewis. So what's happened to Mick? Here's everything you need to know…

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Who causes Mick’s injury in EastEnders?

It’s not yet clear what the cause of Mick’s injury is, but he tells Linda he was violently mugged.

Spoilers have revealed Linda and Max will be shocked to see Mick has returned with a black eye as they share a play date with Abi and Ollie.

When Max leaves, Linda quizzes him about his injury and Mick is quick to claim he was mugged. 

But is he lying?

Later, Mick and Linda go out to dinner but Mick is hurt when Max talks about helping Linda with her new business venture – and later pretends he's asleep to avoid her. 

Mick pushes Linda away again later in the week when he struggles to feign interest in Ollie's costume Linda has made him for the Lucy Beale application.

Mick later calls Katy and tells her that he’s feeling lost, confused and desperate. 

Why did Mick leave EastEnders?

Mick is struggling to come to terms with the abuse he suffered at the hands of Katy following the arrival of his estranged daughter Frankie Lewis. 

Frankie was horrified when Mick revealed he’d slept with Katy when he was only 12 – and tried to get him to see he’d been abused.

But it all proved too much for Mick when Katy arrived in the Square and dropped the bombshell that Frankie wasn’t his daughter and told him he'd imagined it all.

After making a scene in the Queen Vic as he did a shift behind the bar, Mick told Tina he was leaving to spend a few days with his son Lee to clear his head. 

Is Mick Frankie’s dad?

Viewers were disgusted when Katy rocked up in Walford and manipulated Mick into thinking he'd imagined the abuse.

But Mick seemed to take her word for it, so it’s not yet clear whether Katy is lying.

But EastEnders fans are convinced that Mick will turn out to be Frankie’s daughter. 

One fan tweeted: "It’s Katie who’s convinced her self nothing happened to make herself feel better you can see it in her eyes. Frankie is 100% Micks daughter."

Another added: "I still think that Mick was abused by her and Frankie is his daughter."

A third fan said: "I still think Mick is Frankie’s dad."

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