EastEnders’ Shaun Williamson’s secret son reveals how he found out about his dad

Shaun Williamson’s secret son, Gary, has revealed how he found out the actor was his real father – despite being more of a Coronation Street fan. 

It was revealed last week that the EastEnders star, 54, had fathered a secret child with a circus juggler and trapeze artist 32 years earlier. 

Shaun and Gary appeared on Loose Women together to discuss how Gary ended up finding out his dad was Barry from EastEnders. 

Gary revealed: ‘I thought this other fellow was my father until the age of 26, so you can imagine that discovering that at that age was mind-blowing.’

‘It was complicated. They’d known for a long time and a lot of personal circumstances that had happened had led to it being put off and put off. We had some tragedy in the family around the age of 16 and it never felt like the right time. 

‘It was only eventually that my sister found out and said that enough was enough, it was about time that we give Gary the opportunity to connect with his roots and where he’s come from.’

Shaun had known his ex was pregnant but he had had to go to America for work and when he returned she was in a new relationship and she and her new partner decided to raise the baby as their own. 

Despite his dad being most famous for playing the hapless Barry in EastEnders (until Janine pushed him off a cliff to his death), Gary admitted he was more of a Corrie fan, but liked the ‘light’ in characters his dad played. 

He admitted: ‘I was always more of a Coronation Street fan myself, but obviously was aware of Shaun and I was a fan more from Extras, Ricky Gervais’s show. 

‘Of course I knew who he was. It’s one of the things that appealed to me about the show. As a kid you don’t understand the storylines but you enjoy those characters that add a bit of light to what can be sometimes quite a bleak show.’

The pair had reconnected after Gary reached out to Shaun and confirmed they were related through a DNA test. 

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30 on ITV. 

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