EastEnders spoilers: Iqra Ahmed admits the truth to a horrified Mila

IQRA Ahmed admits the truth about her mother Nyangi’s arrest to her horrified girlfriend Mila Marwar next week in EastEnders. 

Iqra reported Mila’s mother to the police in a shock twist after Mila revealed she’d put her through the horrific ordeal of female genital mutilation as a child. 

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Mila had been left fearing for her younger sister Kioni after she learned she and her mother were heading off on a trip in the coming weeks. 

Mila intervened and urged her mother not to hurt Kioni, but Nyangi insisted she’d be ostracised from their community if she didn’t undergo the procedure. 

Iqra then decided enough was enough and rang the police, watching from the shadows as Mila’s mother was escorted away. 

In scenes set to air next week, Iqra battles a guilty conscience after letting Kathy take the blame for Nyangi’s arrest.

Iqra offers Bobby encouragement with his dating troubles, telling him he doesn’t need to lie about his identity.

But her conversation only makes her feel awful about lying to Mila, so she reveals the truth.

Will Mila forgive Iqra?

Also next week, Bobby takes his relationship with Dana to the next level and persuades her to stay over for the night. 

Viewers know that he’s been pretending to be someone called ‘Robert’ to avoid confessing his killer past. 

But after sleeping with Dana, he realises he has to tell her the truth and comes clean. 

How will she react?

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