Eastenders spoilers: Jay horrified as he’s forced to arrange a funeral for his dad’s killer

JAY Brown is set to get an unwelcome blast from the past in EastEnders next week when he finds himself having to prepare the funeral of the man who killed his dad, Jase Dyer.

Jay – who’s played by Jamie Borthwick in the BBC soap – is annoyed when his plans for a day out with Lola and Lexi are scuppered when he gets a new booking at work.

He and co-worker, Callum Highway, are stunned at the scale of the funeral that’s been requested but Jay isn’t prepared for whose burial it is. Then he discovers it’s Terry Bates, the man who murdered Jase.

Callum (Tony Clay) is shocked to see how much hatred Jay is carrying for Terry and he asks Ben for help while Lola comforts a crushed Jay.

Billy Mitchell hears from Lola what’s happened at the funeral parlour and he and Jay have an emotional heart to heart about their shared past.

But Jay is hatching a plan. What is it?

Jay’s horrifying new storyline was teased in the EastEnders autumn trailer which was revealed last month.

The BBC One soap released the teaser at the end of September, exciting fans with the showstopping scenes, which include Lola being taken hostage, paedo Tony's son targeting Whitney, and Jay's tragic past returning to haunt him.

Jay was shown to be struggling, hitting the bottle and seemingly traumatised after organising a funeral for someone from his tragic past, who will turn out to be Terry.

The troubled character remembers his dad Jase, who was brutally murdered several years ago, and warns the corpse: "By the time this funeral is over, and everyone goes home, they're all going to know it was for an old scumbag like you."

Billy desperately tries to get through to him – but will it work?

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