EastEnders spoilers: Martin Fowler and Kush Kazemi reunite after Kush foils a robbery on the market

MARTIN Fowler and Kush Kazemi will put their differences behind them in EastEnders next week when Kush stops Martin being mugged on the market.

Despite still being at war over Kush’s plans to apply for custody of little Arthur, when he sees a gang of boys swipe Martin’s money belt, Kush sets off after them.

Martin – who’s played by James Bye in the BBC soap – quickly follows and – after Kush gets the belt back from the thieves – they sit down and have a heart to heart about their situation.

They decide to put recent troubles behind them and rebuild their friendship.

Later, the men decide to meet secretly, behind the backs of their partners Stacey Fowler – Lacey Turner – and Kat Slater – Jessie Wallace – who are also at war.

They discuss how they can help the cousins heal the rift that has driven them apart as Stacey blames Kat for taking Kush’s side over hers.

Mo is keen to help get Stacey and Kat back on speaking terms and she ropes in Jean as well.

But the plan ends in disaster when – after a day together – Jean and Stacey end up at The Prince Albert, which happens to be where Kat is.

Neither Kat nor Stacey are prepared to back down and Mo goes to shocking lengths to get them to see sense. What does she do? And will it work?

Kat and Stacey fell out weeks ago when Kat accidentally let it slip that Kush was planning on going for joint custody of Arthur – the son he shares with Stacey.

Stacey was livid that Kat had kept something so important from her and told her she was dead to her. While Kat’s been trying to put things right, Stacey has been having none of it.

She was further infuriated during last night’s episode when a letter arrived from Kush’s solicitor about custody of the tot.

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