EastEnders spoilers: Tommy disappears after Sam ruins his chances in football

KAT Slater is going above and beyond to allow her son Tommy Moon to move on from a knife incident.

But when he has the potential of becoming a footballer, Sam Mitchell sabotages his chances next week in EastEnders.

Tommy (portrayed by Sonny Kendall) has been on edge in recent episodes of the long-running BBC One soap.

However, his mother Kat (Jessie Wallace) gets some promising news for him next week.

Coming up, the owner of Kat's Cabs learns that a local football team want to meet with Tommy but she confides in Martin Fowler (James Bye) her worries about it going ahead.

This is due to the fact her son was recently involved in a knife incident after he accidentally stabbed a boy called Sid, who continuously bullied him.

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Despite this, Martin remains hopeful and encourages Kat to take the meeting with the club but they are soon interrupted by Sam (Kim Medcalf) who tries to eavesdrop.

Although she finds out Tommy is still suspended from school and may not be allowed to return, Kat goes along with Martin's advice and tells Tommy all about the opportunity.

In later scenes, Kat and Tommy meet with the football coach, Collin, but a nosey Sam interrupts.

Kat later confides in Martin again about Tommy and with his support, she opens a letter about Tommy’s police case.

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But Sam is set to make things a lot worse for Tommy.

At The Vic, she overhears Martin telling Nancy and Zack about the knife incident and seeing the coach is sitting close by, she loudly joins in the conversation, making sure Collin can hear her.

Kat is devastated when Collin tells her they can’t have Tommy on the team.

Believing Sam sabotaged everything for her son, Kat confronts her – until she finds out the truth.

She then rages at Martin, Zack and Nancy for ruining Tommy’s chances.

Later on, Martin puts his foot in it again when he apologises to Tommy for ruining his chances with the football team, unaware Kat hadn’t told him anything.

Tommy soon vanishes from the Square, prompting Kat to go look for him.

But with Tommy nowhere to be found and Scarlett’s hearing about to start, Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) offers to go to court on Kat’s behalf.

Are Tommy's chances of becoming a footballer really ruined?

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Could this deepen the wedge between Kat and Sam?

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