EastEnders star Jessie Wallace shuts down her company – owing £40k in taxes

EASTENDERS star Jessie Wallace has shut down her company – and owes £40,000 in taxes.

The actress, 49 – best known for playing Kat Slater in the BBC One soap – placed her company Thatcher Promotions Limited into voluntary liquidation in 2015.

Liquidators have been trying to recoup almost £70,000 in unpaid corporation tax and VAT, reports The Mirror.

A law firm was hired to ensure Jessie, the only director, paid the money back by putting a legal charge on her home.

Documents lodged with Companies House on Tuesday show the soap star paid £60,000, but most of the money was used to cover legal fees and paying the liquidator.

This meant only £27,000 out of the £70,000 was paid after liquidators "fully wound up" the business.

The report from the liquidators showed Jessie agreed to pay back the loan at £1,000 a month but she has since failed to make regular payments.

It read: "Instalments were agreed to repay the loan but unfortunately they were not regular and continued chasing was required.

"Therefore, to secure the debt, I instructed solicitors to place a charge upon her property."

The report also stated HMRC could look into Thatcher Promotion Limited's further with the court's permission.

The report continues: "A unsecured creditor may with the permission of the court request further details of the office holders remuneration and expenses.

"An unsecured creditor may apply to court to challenge the officeholder's fees and proposed expenses."

The paper reports the firm handles Jessie's EastEnders salary.

Jessie's agent has been contacted by The Sun for comment.

Jessie returned as Kat Slater in September after being suspended from the set for seven months.

The actress was booted off the soap after allegedly boozing on set in January and her character Kat was written out of any upcoming plots before lockdown halted filming.

Earlier this year bosses held a crisis meeting and decided she would be axed from the show for two months to “sort herself out”.

Her suspension came weeks after The Sun exclusively revealed Jessie had split with greengrocer boyfriend Paul Keepin after two years.

Jessie has been one of the biggest stars in soapland for years, joining the drama for her first stint as Alfie Moon's girlfriend between 2000 and 2005.

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