EastEnders’ Zack Hudson’s exit sealed after Frankie Lewis betrayal?

EastEnders: Frankie Lewis knocks down Nancy with her car

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Monday night’s EastEnders ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, and viewers saw how Frankie Lewis (played by Rose Ayling-Ellis) ran over her half-sister Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) in a hit and run. The incident unfolded when Zack Hudson (James Farrar) took Frankie out for a driving lesson as a favour for Mick (Danny Dyer). When Zack and Frankie realised it was Nancy laying lifeless on the ground, they both panicked. However, at the beginning of Wednesday night’s instalment, viewers saw Zack lie to the police about what happened and told Frankie to run away from the scene and to keep it their little secret. But, will Frankie’s guilt get the better of her and will she come clean about what really happened?

As Zack and Frankie discovered a lifeless Nancy, an emotional Frankie shouted: “Nancy, Is she dead? She can’t be dead?

“Please wake up. I can feel her pulse. You need to call an ambulance.”

Before a terrified Zack called for help, he tried to reassure Frankie, as he said: “She’s going to be alright.”

Although, during his moment of panic, Zack decided to lie to the 999 call handler about what had really happened.

“I found someone on the street,” he explained. “She’s unconscious. No, I don’t know what happened to her.”

“What if the police arrest me?” a worried Frankie asked Zack afterwards.

“No,” he simply replied. “I didn’t tell them what happened. I just said I found her, I didn’t mention you.”

As Frankie questioned why he lied, Zack said: “Because I’m drunk. I shouldn’t be giving you lessons.”

He continued: “And what are Mick and Linda going to say when they find out you ran her over?”

Frankie began to get angry as she shouted: “You lied. You made it worse.”

“Stop,” he hit back. “If you don’t calm down, we will both get locked up.

“I will tell the ambulance exactly what I told the operator.”

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“You can’t be here, ok?” he said to Frankie as he told her to run away from the scene.

“I’m going to move the car and when I get back you need to be gone.

“I will get her to the hospital, and I’ll get hold of Mick don’t worry.”

Frankie began to cry as she explained: “He knows that you were with me. He knows that I was driving.”

Zack attempted to calm Frankie down as he reassured her he would “sort something”.


As the episode came to a close, Nancy lay in a hospital bed unconscious as her mum and dad were sat beside her.

Zack and Frankie stood outside of the room looking on, which is when Frankie confessed: “I don’t think I can do this.”

“You’ve got to stay strong, yeah?” Zack whispered. “They can’t suspect.”

“If we tell them the truth, they’ll understand,” Frankie continued.

“No,” Zack hit back. “All they’ll understand is that you’ve lied to them.”

Could Frankie’s guilty conscience get the better of her and will she betray Zack, despite him covering up for her?

EastEnders is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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