Ed Sheeran donates £10,000 to hospital that nursed his dementia-suffering grandma in her final days

BIG-HEARTED Ed Sheeran donated £10,000 to the hospital that nursed his beloved grandma Anne in the final weeks of her life.

The 29-year-old star handed over the money for outdoor musical equipment, and a sensory garden at the unit to be used by dementia patients and those with special needs and audiovisual disabilities.

The cash came from his charity The Framlingham Foundation Trust, which he set up with £500,000 from his own bank balance to help schools and good causes in his home county of Suffolk.

An annual report filed by the charity revealed: “A donation to Aldeburgh Hospital League of Friends 'Sensory Garden Project' was given to assist with the purchase of outdoor musical instruments for the rehabilitation and recuperation of patients.

“Such patients include day centre clients, dementia patients and those with special needs and sensory disabilities in the community.”

The garden is already up and running.

Earlier this year, Ed revealed that he visited his ailing grandmother nearly every day in the months leading up to her death in 2016.

The popstar opened up about the difficult time in his life in a moving tribute that he penned to the “unique” NHS.

Ed was on a break from music at the time and said that he visited her so often in her final months that he is still friends with the staff at Aldeburgh Hospital who cared for her.

“I was lucky enough not to be on tour during my grandmother’s final months, and because I lived locally I was able to visit her every few days,” he wrote in Adam Kay’s new book Dear NHS: 100 Stories to Say Thank You.

“The care she received was incredible; the people who worked there so lovely, compassionate, funny and caring.

“When she passed away I wrote a song called Supermarket Flowers about the situation. The verse lyrics are about packing up her room at that hospital.

“Me and my family became very close to the nurses who worked there and my mum is still in touch with them now. I see them from time to time when I’m in the area and it’s like meeting old friends.”

Supermarket Flowers featured as a tribute on Ed's subsequent album Divide, with the track famous for how emotional and sad it is.

At the time, Ed said: “That was the day my gran passed away. I was at my home.

“It’s just a knee-jerk reaction. You can be really upset and dwell on something or you can put all the good memories in one song.”

Ed credits his grandmother with inspiring himself and his older brother Matthew, a classical composer, to pursue a career in music.

“I just wanted to make a tribute to my gran,” he said.

“She was the musical one in my family. Hopefully I will pass that on to my kids.”

Last month, it was revealed that Ed had donated £200k to his former high school where he met his wife Cherry.

And in April, The Sun told how the generous singer had donated more than a million pounds in a week to a variety of local charities in his native Suffolk, where he still lives.

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