Eddie the Eagle reveals his love life has gone downhill since marriage split

SKI jumping flop Eddie the Eagle Edwards is struggling to get any lift in his love life.

He said attempts at romance went downhill after his divorce.

And Eddie, 57, told The Sun he hadn’t had a “jump” for years, adding: “I’m always open to meeting somebody and falling in love again.

“I’ve tried dating apps but had no luck at all.

“I’d prefer to meet someone face-to-face.

“I’ve probably got more chance of meeting someone when I dance and we’ll have a connection.”

Eddie, real name Michael Edwards, was the first Brit Olympic ski jumper in 60 years when he came last at the 1988 winter games in Canada.

The plasterer, who has two kids, divorced Samantha Morton in 2016 and moved into a shed in his garden in Stroud, Gloucs.

Earlier this year, he was Rubber Chicken on ITV’s The Masked Dancer.

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