Emmerdale Cathy diagnosed, EastEnders Emma attacked and 23 more soap spoilers

Tragedy is rife in the land of soap next week so stock up on those tissues and prepare yourselves for a total rollercoaster of emotions.

Hollyoaks sees a number of lives put in danger when Norma Crow’s kidnap plot spirals out of control, much to Sienna Blake and Warren Fox’s horror, while Mercedes McQueen receives a special Mother’s Day visitor.

Coronation Street, meanwhile, sees Evelyn Plummer devastated by the death of her closest friend, and Stephen Reid is hellbent on taking another life as he lines up a potential victim.

Over in EastEnders, Stacey Slater continues to struggle to make ends meet, but a huge discovery could change everything for her. Elsewhere, Ravi Gulati is up to no good, and emotions run high for Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson.

It’s an emotional week for Cathy Hope in Emmerdale too, as she overhears a conversation about a potential diagnosis, and she is left heartbroken.

For all this and more, plus a round-up of other soapy highlights of the week (March 21 to 24), you’ve come to the right place so grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy all the drama that soapland is set to offering up.


1. Zack is pleased when Whitney arrives at a ceremony in honour of Peach, with the pair staying back to grieve alone. Whitney kisses Zack, and he responds before pulling away, leaving her devastated. Zack can’t find the words to share the news of his HIV diagnosis.

2. Ravi turns on the charm with Chelsea in a bid to get access to Jack’s files, and invites himself as her plus one to the family games night, much to Denise and Jack’s horror. Things get out of hand, with Ravi subsequently teasing Jack about Denise, before offering to stay away from Chelsea exchange for the intel.  Denise smugly puts Ravi in his place, but he comes back with a threat that leaves her shaking in her boots.

3. Lexi has Mother’s Day all planned out with Lola – that is, until Emma arrives uninvited and tags along, leaving her frustrated as she loses her temper over having to share her mum. Emma, mortified, realises that she overstepped the mark and offers to leave, but Lola insists she stay.

4. Stacey needs money and can’t understand how Freddie is so flush all of a sudden – that is, until she she and Eve interrupt a clandestine meeting between Freddie and Rocky, getting more than they bargained for. Later in the week, Stacey is relieved to have the cash for Shiv the loan shark but, when she pays, Shiv demands another £200, threatening violence if she doesn’t pay up.

5. Sharon turns down the chance to be Alfie’s glamorous assistant, but she suggests that Linda would be the perfect fit. Linda, however, is not in the mood, but after watching Alfie crash and burn with some ill-judged banter, the landlady can’t resist getting involved.

6. In honour of Yolande’s 70th birthday, Patrick puts a bet on a horse called ‘Little Prayer’ as it was the song that played at their wedding. When his horse comes in, Patrick treats the family to a celebration meal at Walford East. After cautioning Denzel never to take love for granted, Patrick announces that he’s going to see Yolande and intends to win her back.

7. Jay demands an audience with Emma at the car lot and tells her to either stick around or never darken their doorstep again. Which option will Emma choose?

Coronation Street

8. Adam agrees to act on behalf of Damon in regards to his financial interest in the bistro, much to Nick’s horror. It’s not only Nick who’s fuming, but also Sarah, who rows with Adam over what he’s done, before heading off to the hotel he’d booked for them, where she meets Damon, who flirts with her at the bar. Unaware of who he is, Sarah invites him up to her room.

9. Stephen is left in shock when Rufus shows up, demanding that he tear up the contract as he wants sole rights to Nippersnapper and, if he fails to agree, then he’s spill the beans about how he’s been drugging Carla! Enraged, Stephen takes hold of the hole punch once more and approaches Rufus, but is he set to claim another victim?

10. Cerberus is sick with food poisoning, forcing a guilty Roy to reveal that he previously dropped an eccles cake, which the dog must’ve ate. Evelyn, heartbroken, tells Roy that if anything happens to Cerberus, she’ll never forgive him, but more heartbreak approaches, as the vet breaks the news that Evelyn’s beloved dog is suffering from kidney failure.

11. Peter visits Paul and orders him to back off, implying that he’s using Carla’s mental health problems for his own financial gain. Paul assures him that this is not the case but Peter claps back, accusing him of faking his injuries. Paul subsequently visits the neurologist, who decides to tells Paul that he’s sending him for further scans, adding that the problems he’s experiencing are unlikely to have been caused by the accident.

12. Amy tries on her bridesmaid’s dress, but when Daisy mentions the hen night, Amy panics and claims she won’t be able to make it.

13. As the stags have a low key do at the Bistro, Christina reveals she’s organised a surprise for Daisy. As two friends from her past, Samantha and Ellie arrive, Daisy is mortified.

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Hope Street lines up another emotionally-charged episode (Picture: BBC / Long Story TV / Jeremy Stockton)

Hope Street continues on Fridays, with Finn investigating shooting shortly after his return to work, but things start to get on top of him quite quickly. Marlene, meanwhile, goes the extra mile for her best friend Nicole, but she ends up offending stepdad Barry! Friday March 24 at 1:45pm on BBC One.

Ziggy and Dean welcome their little one (Picture: Seven / Endemol Shine)

Home and Away continues weekdays on Channel 5, and Ziggy goes into labour next week, welcoming a baby girl, much to Dean’s delight. Cash, meanwhile, finds himself in deadly danger, as Tex and the bikies strike!

Catch up with Close friends over on STV Player, with the next dose of Brookie up for grabs (Picture: Lime Pictures / Channel 4)

Brookside continues on STV Player, with an additional five episodes from 1983 set to drop on Wednesday (March 22), but what’s in store this week for the residents of the close? Damon is left uncomfortable, but why?

More information on how to watch here.

(Picture: Amazon Freevee / Channel 5 / Fremantle)

Neighbours is set to return to screens this Autumn, it has been confirmed with Paul Robinson actor Stefan Dennis telling Metro.co.uk such a thing during a recent press event, so get ready to return to Ramsay Street.

‘It should be back on screens in Autumn,’ he said, of the popular soap, which was revived by Amazon Freevee. ‘Autumn over here [in the UK].

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More information on how to access Amazon Freevee here.


15. Marlon scraps his birthday celebrations after a fallout with Paddy. Mandy, meanwhile, hints to Paddy that he should make things right with Marlon, and he subsequently does just that, with the pair expressing their gratitude for one another and sharing a heartfelt hug.

16. Paddy and Chas manage to have a civilised conversation, with the pair breaking the news to Eve that her dad is moving out. Liam detects Marlon’s concerns about Paddy leaving, and thus he invites him to move in with him. But how will the village GP feel when Bear shows up to move in as well?

17. Bob and Wendy are determined to support Cathy through her struggles. Manpreet, meanwhile, makes a breakthrough in diagnosing Cathy’s symptoms, advising Bob that Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder might be the cause of his daughter’s suffering, revealing it could affect her for decades. Cathy overhears and is left stunned, as she subsequently vanishes.

18. Mary is delighted that Rhona wants to meet Faye, the new woman in her life.

19. Moira is roped in to organise Charity and Mack’s respective hen and stag parties, but when Chloe returns, she’s given reason to be concerned. Mack denies that he still wants to be a dad, but Moira knows her little brother all too well, and thus he relays his sister’s concerns to Charity, who bolts for the exit, devastated.

20. Alex manages to paper over any doubts the villagers have about him, with Naomi feeling like their relationship is more solid than ever. But subsequent scenes confirm that Alex is up to no good, as he reveals to mysterious ally Clare that his relationship with Naomi is a sham, as he’s plotting on robbing the surgery.


21. Sienna puts two and two together, realising that Norma has kidnapped the twins. Warren, oblivious to his mum’s plot, returns to the village to retrieve Sophie’s favourite toy, but Norma subsequently crashes the car, driving straight into the Grande Bizarre. Will Warren, who works out what Norma was up to, rescue his mum before it’s too late?

22. Mother’s Day grants Mercedes her one true wish, as Bobby arrives home out of the blue, with gifts and flowers for his mum, who is left in complete and utter shock. But just HOW is this so?

23. Darren is determined to resolve the conflict in their home by baking a cake for Nancy, who catches on to what he’s up to. Charlie subsequently returns home, much to Nancy’s delight as the family reunite, but things take a shocking turn, as Charlie notices that baby Morgan’s foot has turned blue. Nancy and Darren waste little time in taking their baby to the hospital, with doctor’s confirming that Morgan’s foot turned blue as a result of circulatory problems.

24. Misbah goes to check on an exhausted looking Imran and begins to pack up his belongings, insisting that he comes home. Imran tells his mum that he will return home if she respects his decision to take part in Ramadan.

25. The Westwood household receive a surprise visit from Sharon, Pearl’s daughter, who reveals she has had a trial shift at the Dee Valley Hospital. Pearl is delighted by her daughter’s visit on Mother’s Day. Zoe, however, is not convinced she will stay for long.

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