Emmerdale fans think they’ve worked out creepy Chloe’s true identity

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Emmerdale fans believed they’ve figured out Chloe’s real identity after her return to the programme.

Monday night's episode left viewers worried that something will happen to Sarah Sugden, after she desperately tried to find out more about the family of her heart donor, who died years ago in a car accident.

The latest instalment in the ITV soap saw Chloe open up about her late sister, Gemma, and her parents’ grief – but viewers soon spotted that something didn’t add up.

In an emotional scene, Chloe met with Sarah again and shared that she cannot mention her sister at home. She broke down and confessed how much she missed Gemma and said her family is ignoring her.

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Rather than pushing her further on the donor’s identity, Sarah cut the conversation short.

The duo have seen each other a few times before, as they’ve bonded over their mutual adoration and grief for Gemma.

But Chloe revealed new information when questioned by Sarah’s Uncle Noah about whether Gemma had a boyfriend, stating that she didn’t as she likes girls.

This revelation planted the seed of doubt in fans minds – and Sarah’s.

Chloe was quick to reassure her that her sister’s sexuality was a private struggle and that she even fell out with her best friend over it.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. One viewer said: "Chloe isn’t Gemma’s sister… She’s lying through her teeth."

As she dodged pivotal questions about her sister and their family, viewers struggled to believe Chloe’s story.

Chloe told Sarah that Gemma had fallen out with her best friend right before she died, as Gemma told her secret pal that she liked her as more than a friend.

Viewers also thought Chloe’s behaviour was unusual, which left many fans wondering if Chloe was Gemma’s sister after all, but someone else.

Many fans concluded that Chloe could in fact be the unnamed best friend who shunned Gemma – or a secret girlfriend of hers.

One fan tweeted: “Don’t believe Chloe she doesn’t answer questions about certain things. And sounds like makes stuff up on the spot. She’s deffo suss.”

Another viewer agreed: “Taking a punt Chloe isn’t Gemma’s sister, but ‘the friend’ she just mentioned.”

And another wrote: “Chloe is Gemma’s girlfriend? Becomes obsessed with Sarah? Are we going there @emmerdale two psychos at same time! Come on!”

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