Emmerdale Nate real identity ‘will gobsmack’ fans as they ‘won’t see it coming’

He plays Emmerdale’s randy new hunk, and had already bedded some of the soap’s hottest women before moving on to Cain Dingle’s sexy wife Moira.

But actor Jurell Carter, who burst on to our screens as good-looking farmhand Nate Robinson just six months ago, admits that he found some of his raunchier sex scenes quite overwhelming to film.

Speaking to the Daily Star during our exclusive interview and photoshoot, Leicester lad Jurell also reveals that Nate’s sizzling affair with Moira has prompted quite a few cheeky messages from smitten fans.

He says: “It’s been full-on since I started. I’d done a few bits and pieces but Emmerdale is my first big TV role. My mum and late grandmother always watched Emmerdale so it was pretty daunting coming in.

“And not only was I new to the show, but I’d not really done any intimate scenes before.

“I won’t lie – a lot of the time I’ve been overwhelmed by them. And you don’t even feel that sexy doing them. You have so many people around you, and the boom operators who can hear every little sound you make when you’re kissing. It’s not the sexiest when you’re doing it.”

Jurell praised his co-star Natalie J Robb, who plays cheating Moira, for making him feel ­comfortable and taking him under her wing ­during filming.

He adds: “I’ve been really lucky having ­someone like Nat there as a mentor. She’s ­someone who has become a great friend as well, which has been really nice.”

But while Jurell has been getting his teeth stuck into his life-changing new role, he’s ­received a bit of a backlash from viewers for coming between one of the soap’s most popular couples, dubbed “Coira” by fans.

He says: “There are a lot of loyal ‘Coira’ fans out there! And I totally understand it. Nate is getting in between this really popular couple so I’ve had a bit of hate online.

“When I first started I found it quite hurtful at times, especially when the lines were blurred and it became a bit personal. Now I’ve made the ­decision not to even look as I find it’s just best to get on with my job. But it’s not all been negative, I’ve had some really lovely messages, and people sending me their drawings of Nate.”

And, on those more cheeky messages, he says: “It’s obviously really flattering.”

Despite being at the heart of one of the soap’s biggest storylines, Jurell says he’s still the same guy he was before he landed the part.

And he reveals how he lost out on the role of bad-boy Billy Fletcher to Jay Kontzle last year. But he’d done enough to impress casting bosses as they got him back for the part of Nate.

Jurell says: “I was seen for the part of Billy and was a bit gutted when I didn’t get it. I’d also met Jay during the audition process.

“But now, having watched Billy’s character ­develop, I was definitely more suited to Nate. So it all worked out.

“I’m still the same Jurell but sometimes I forget that I’m on this massive show. I’ll be at home in Leicester in my local supermarket and just ­forget.

“I’ll hear these little whispers and then get people coming up asking for selfies, which is all really nice but so surreal.

“There’s also quite a bit of banter about Moira. I also get it from my mates and brothers because she’s an older woman. But for me, it happens and it’s real. There are lads out there who like an older woman.”

During tonight’s explosive double-length ­episode, Cain, played by Jeff Hordley, lures Nate and Moira out on to a boat in the middle of a lake after he discovered what they’d been up to.

He confronts Nate and the pair fight – and when a leaky petrol canister catches light all three lives are put in danger.

Jurell says: “It was like filming a movie. We had stunt coordinators helping us with the fight scenes, and of course there’s an ­explosion.

“Nate sees Cain as this old man, he doesn’t know about his reputation as this village hard-man but even if he did he wouldn’t care.”

And on that shock twist at the end of tonight, he says: “There are so many theories out there but when the audience see it they will be shocked. I found out about it when I was first cast and I was like: ‘Wow.’ I don’t want to spoil it but it’s a massive reveal.”

● Readers can watch all the drama during Emmerdale’s hour-long special tonight on ITV at 7pm.

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