Emmerdale shock as Kim Tate reveals she has DEMENTIA – but fans think she’s being poisoned by Gabby Thomas

EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Kim Tate collapsed and revealed she may be in the early stages of dementia.

The businesswoman – who is played by actress Claire King in the ITV soap – was found unconscious on the floor by cleaner Lydia Dingle.

And after some gentle prodding, Kim opened up about what has been happening to her.

She has been suffering from memory loss, fainting spells and blackouts.

Later, Lydia caught Kim googling for dementia symptoms – and she opened up to her and Gabby about what she’s been going through.

“My dad had a slow, painful death,” she said as she spoke of his dementia symptoms. 

“Started out with forgetfulness, confusion and blackouts. 

“Within a year he couldn’t even look after himself – I can’t face that, I won’t.”

She added: “I keep forgetting things – basic things.” 

Turning to Gabby she said: “I know this is not your fault, I never should have sent you packing. I’m sorry I snapped at you.”

Gabby then opened up about her dad Ashley’s death from dementia and the pair bonded.

Lydia insisted that Kim see a doctor, telling her: “We’re worried for you – whatever this is, it’s not going away. 

“There could be help for you – things have changed. There’s medication. The longer you leave it, the harder it’s going to be to slow it down or stop it. 

“If you collapse again it could be Jamie who finds you, or Millie. Please, let me call a doctor to come and see.”

Gabby interrupted to try and put Kim off – but Lydia insisted and said she would find a doctor with no chance of blabbing Kim’s secrets.

With Lydia gone, Gabby then tried to get Kim to give her control of some of the business so she could “help”.

But fans think she is somehow causing Kim’s illness – and has an evil plan up her sleeve with her poisoning her.

One wrote: "My guess is that Gabby is drugging Kim."

A second said: "Gabby going to steal Kim money that's why she don't want her to see a doctor."

Another added:  "Gabby will probably end up ripping Kim off."

While this one said: "Watch out Kim! Gabby is going to hurt you!"

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