Emmerdale spoilers: Al takes feud with Cain to dangerous levels

CAIN Dingle and Al Chapman are not ready to make peace as of yet and take their feud to a whole new level.

Some Emmerdale residents are afraid their row will only wreak more havoc in the eponymous village.

Emmerdale tough guy Cain (portrayed by Jeff Hordley) has it in for Al (Michael Wildman) and both men have been at each other's throats as a result for months.

Things took a turn recently when Cain was able to cause trouble in Al's relationship with Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton), by telling her the businessman had kissed his former fiancée Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) behind her back.

Kerry initially suspected Al to be cheating on her with Cain's sister Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper).

A smug Cain was then cornered by Al and both men took their feud to Main Street.

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Sadly for Cain, his plan to take Al down didn't quite work as Al was forgiven.

In upcoming scenes of the long-running ITV soap, Priya is relieved to see Al and Kerry are stronger than ever despite recent events.

Al, on the other hand, is impressed by Cain's sister, Belle, with whom he has embarked on a partnership.

But while all is well over on Al's side, Lydia and Sam Dingle express disapproval at Cain's recent behaviour.

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Tension is brimming and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) diffuses trouble but remains worried Cain won't let the feud lie.

What could he have planned?

Viewers know Cain is capable of anything to rattle Al.

In December, 2021, Cain took his anger out on Al's son Ellis by leaving him out in the cold after a misunderstanding between the youngster and Belle had horrific consequences.

Cain was even against his sister Belle getting into a relationship with Ellis, which forced the pair to keep their rekindled romance a secret.

More recently, Cain was ready to go after Al when he moved in with Kerry, Amy and his son Kyle – but had to stand down when his anger scared the latter away.

Cain then had to mend his relationship with Kyle.

But could he decide the time has come to ruin Al's life once more?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

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