Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn Taylor ‘exits’ as she receives devastating life-changing news

Emmerdale: Jamie fires Dawn from The Hop

Harriet (played by Katherine Dow-Blyton) and Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) rushed to the hospital to support Dawn (Olivia Bromley) as they believed she was pregnant. Instead it was revealed the Emmerdale resident had an infection which led to her having Pelvic Inflammatory Disease due to her not using protection when sleeping with her clients. Will was horrified but Dawn revealed things could get worse as she may be infertile too.

She told Will and Harriet: “I’ve got an infection. I ignored the signs, it’s something called PID.

“It started off as chlamydia. You know what that is right, dad? It’s an STI?

“I got it from one of the fellas I’ve been with because I couldn’t be bothered to make him use protection. My bad.

“I do bad stuff with bad people for money so bad things are always going to happen to me. I’ve got to come back in a few days for an ultrasound, it’s urgent.”

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Will and Harriet were left confused as Dawn had confirmed she wasn’t pregnant.

But the former sex worker clarified: “The infection has damaged me, and if it’s as bad as the doctors think then you don’t have to worry about me making anymore kid’s lives a misery.

“There won’t be anymore babies, not now, not for me.”

Dawn hasn’t had the best year in Emmerdale and if it’s confirmed she is infertile she could choose to leave the village.

Struggling with the secret she murdered DI Mark Malone (Mark Womack), she dumped Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) so he wouldn’t get dragged into the drama.

However without her boyfriend by her side, Dawn returned to sex work and has dealt with trouble from Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln).

Due to failing to use protection, Dawn could find herself infertile and unable to stay around her disapproving father.

Will Dawn decide to have one last Christmas in the village before moving on with son Lucas to start a new life?

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Viewers rushed to Twitter to comment on the storyline, with many devastated by Dawn’s diagnosis.

“Knew it would be an STI rather than a baby! Why couldn’t they keep the happy/life back on track Dawn?!!#Emmerdale,” one viewer posted.

Another asked: “Did Dawn get the STI from Jamie Tate? #Emmerdale.”

A third tweeted: “Dawn has PID. Dawn has STI. She may not be able to have kids. #Emmerdale.”

Elsewhere in the village, Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) decided he would surprise Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) with a wedding on Christmas Day.

Despite best friend Marlon (Mark Charnock) warning him it was a bad idea after his own Christmas marriage ended in disaster, Paddy was adamant.

Will Chas enjoy the surprise or will she break Paddy’s heart and reject his proposal?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm.

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