Emmerdale star reveals future for Matty and Amy 'I think they're soulmates'

Matty Barton is in the centre of the drama in Emmerdale at the moment, but there’s one thing that we desperately want to know: Will his relationship with Amy last?

Well, its good news for fans of the couple (Atty? Mamy? Answers on a postcard please), as actor Ash Palmisciano has a positive outlook for the future.

‘They make such a sweet couple, and she is such a good support to him. I do think they are soulmates, and they have each other’s best interests at heart, but you never know.’

And it’s not just on screen that the pair enjoy each other’s company. Ash and Natalie Jamieson, who plays Amy, are close friends in real life.

‘We are really good friends, I absolutely love working with her, it’s a dream come true to work with one of your best mates.’ Ash gushed.

‘It’s really comfortable, it’s fun and we actually live really close to one another as well, so if we have a juicy scene coming up, we can go and sit in the garden, have a cup of tea, go over it, have a chat, so it’s lovely, I love working with her. I get on with her boyfriend and she gets on with my girlfriend really well, so it’s lovely.’

Despite the strong foundations, Ash has revealed that Matty struggles to share his feelings with his girlfriend.

‘He’s quite a closed character in what he’s really thinking so I think he would rather deal with this himself than talk to Amy about it. She senses something is wrong as she always does, and tries to offer support, but he’s like a one-man wolfpack, he wants to deal with it on his own.’

It’s nice to know that Amy is supportive, and we hope their relationship will stand the test of time.

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