Emmerdale’s Cain’s revenge on Al ‘ruined’ as fans gutted over Covid anti-climax

Tonight’s episode of ITV soap Emmerdale saw the fall-out of Al Chapman’s (played by Michael Wilding) betrayal.

Having cheated on both Priya Sharma and Debbie Dingle, Al struggled to hold his life together.

Accused of stealing money from Kim Tate and fighting to keep his son Ellis’s respect, Al was in a pickle.

And then village bad boy Cain Dingle found out he’d hurt his daughter – and viewers expected fireworks.

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Confronting the character, Cain warned Al to leave the village or he would be a “dead man”.

In the past, fans would have seen the mechanic lose his cool and end up in fisticuffs, but tonight’s episode featured an anti-climax.

Some viewers were convinced the plot “change” was due to the actors needing to social distance.

Taking to Twitter, viewers complained about the seemingly unexpected ending.

One person grumbled: "I was hoping Cain was going to smack him one #emmerdale."

"Damn you social distancing! I would have loved to have seen Cain lay Al out cold there lol! #Emmerdale @emmerdale" another cried.

"If it wasn't for Covid, Cain would have battered Al!" a third moaned.

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A fourth commented: "I was expecting Cain to punch him after he said that lmao #emmerdale."

While a fifth noted: "Al really has a death wish talking about Debbie like that to Cain's face huh #Emmerdale."

Others were intrigued by the developments, as one fan mused: "I might be up for a Al vs Cain feud. #Emmerdale."

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.

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