Emmerdale's Charley Webb reveals reason behind Debbie Dingle's return – warning 'bridges have well and truly been burnt'

EMMERDALE'S Charley Webb has revealed the real reason behind Debbie Dingle's return to the Dales – warning that "bridges have well and truly been burnt".

The actress, who has played the mechanic on the ITV soap since 2002, has had a number of breaks during her time on the show due to pregnancy and finally made her second comeback during Christmas 2020.

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After 14 long years, Charley took a year's break from the show in 2016 as Debbie jetted off to France to come to terms with her break-up from Ross.

A year later she returned to the village for two years, before moving to Scotland to take care of her step-grandmother Lisa Dingle's garage that she left for her after dying from amyloidosis.

And although Debbie returned home during the festive period and it was revealed that she was the woman behind all of Al Chapman's mystery calls, that's not the reason why she's back.

The actress recently revealed: "Sarah has got herself into a bit of trouble and that’s what initially brings Debbie back, to deal with that, and make sure that she’s okay and not getting into anything that she shouldn’t be."

Debbie, who is also mother to 18-year-old Jack, finds out that her eldest has been getting up to no good and knows she's the only one that can put things right.

However, being back in the village puts more pressure on Debbie and mum Charity's relationship, considering her mum's behaviour has been spiralling out of control since her break up with girlfriend Vanessa.

Drinking alcohol and getting up to mischief with Mackenzie Boyd has infuriated Debbie as she left her to look after her two kids.

Viewers of the show will know that the mother-daughter duo have never seen eye to eye in the past, and it doesn't look like this year will be any different.

The star teased: "I remember reading the first scripts and I was like oh my god, I was literally in the village shouting at absolutely everyone.

"So it doesn’t go well and for the whole time that I’m back, her and Charity don’t have a good relationship at all, so the bridges have well and truly been burnt there."

However the rest of her family are over the moon that she's back and willing to try and put all the pieces back together which fell apart whileshe was gone.

Cain is happy his daughter is back, but Debbie can't seem to get past the fact his wife Moira cheated on him.

Charley added: "Everybody else is fine, Cain and Debbie are always thick as thieves, it’s not often that those two fall out.

"But Moira, she’s not speaking to Moira because she had an affair. It’s ridiculous because Debbie’s had about 20 affairs I’m sure.

"But she’s not speaking to Moira, and Zak’s obviously been in Scotland with her so that’s all fine. Again Chas, absolutely fine. It’s just Charity really that she’s fuming with."

Catch Debbie back on your screen next week from Monday 11 January 2020 on ITV.


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