Emmerdale’s Chloe Harris identity theories – Joe’s daughter to undercover Tate

Since Chloe Harris arrived on the scene of Emmerdale, fans have been bursting with theories about her true identity.

Chloe – the sister of Sarah Sugden's heart donor – has been an enigma since she arranged to covertly meet up with Sarah and Noah.

She is the sister of Gemma, the girl who donated her heart to Sarah and saved her life after dying in a car accident.

Things got even stranger for Sarah when Chloe cut all contact, but kept secretly seeing her almost-boyfriend Noah, something she admitted when Sarah and Charity turned up at her huge house.

Fans so far will know that Kerry Wyatt is working as a maid for Chloe's family in their modern mansion, signalling an epic return for the fan favourite Geordie.

But who is Chloe? We take a look at the reigning theories to find out.

Joe Tate's daughter

Since Joe Tate officially left the village back in 2018, fans have been clamouring for the return of the blue-eyed hunk.

And some fans are certain Chloe could actually herald such a return, as they reckon she could be Joe's long-lost "secret" daughter.

Posting on Facebook, one fan theorised: "I think her dad or brother is Joe Tate, as he went away for some time!"

Others rushed to point out that Chloe definitely seems "suss" – but could she be attempting to get closer to Sarah to secure information on her mum Debbie – Joe's ex?

Another fan tweeted: "Don't believe Chloe, she doesn't answer questions about certain things. And sounds like she makes stuff up on spot. She's deffo suss."

And with Joe's name cropping up more and more in the soap, as Kim Tate wondered if he could be the one drugging her instead of son Jamie, it wouldn't be out of the question that he finally makes a soap return, especially as he was confirmed to be alive and living abroad upon his exit.

Actor Ned Porteous has also confirmed that he is back in the UK after heading to Hollywood to pursue the American acting dream.

Others have theorised she could be linked to Kim's son Jamie, and could signal he's not really dead and instead living a secret double life.

Jean Tate

Some fans are certain Chloe could have a very different family connection to the Tates, as they think she is actually Jean Tate.

Jean was the daughter of Zoe Tate, who was tragically raped by Scott Windsor.

Zoe was the first ever lesbian character to appear in a British soap, and starred in Emmerdale from 1989 until 2005.

Fans are now sure she might have been Sarah's heart donor, and Chloe – or Jean – her daughter.

Taking to Facebook, one fan guessed: "Just my theory – I think Chloe is really Jean Tate and the heart Sarah has is Zoe Tate's.

"I think maybe Zoe changed Jean's name so Scott wouldn't find them."

Someone else followed up: "Could Chloe in Emmerdale actually be Jean Tate, Zoe Tate's daughter?"

Jean was born in January 2003, meaning she would now be 18 years old – so the theory definitely has merit.

Sinister Meena link

Some fans are even thinking Chloe could be related to serial killer Meena Jutla's first ever victim – her pal Nadine, who died in her car of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It's possible that Chloe could have changed some of the details of her story about Gemma – who died in a car crash – in order to get closer to the village and extract information from Meena.

She could certainly be posing as "Gemma's" sister if her own sister Nadine suffered at the hands of villain Meena.

One fan posted to Facebook: "Just thought – Sarah's donor died in a car of some sort, well I saw something that said Meena talks to Sarah. Could the donor be the person who Meena killed?"

Others were quick to agree, with one pointing out: "Possibility with them all of a sudden bringing up Sarah's transplant! I just want Meena caught. I seriously don't like her character."

Another fan agreed: "Yes it could well be! I have never in my life seen as many coincidences happen as I have on Corrie and Emmerdale!"

"That would be some turn around if it was – wow, what a story!" someone else echoed.

Sarah's stalker

Chloe’s behaviour has convinced other fans that she might not be Gemma’s sister after all – and she could instead be an ex-girlfriend or someone who rejected Gemma in the past.

Fans also think she now has a crush on Sarah, and could end up being her stalker – using her relationship with Noah to get closer to her – especially after she gifted her a diamond necklace.

Noah recently asked whether Gemma had a boyfriend before she died, with Chloe admitting her "sister" had been into girls rather than lads – and she’d fallen out with a close friend after admitting she wanted more than friendship from her.

It has led to several fan theories that Chloe could in fact be Gemma’s friend who she had fallen out with, or perhaps someone who had a crush on Gemma but was turned down.

"I bet Chloe fancies Sarah!" one fan tweeted.

As another echoed: "Okay Noah – if Chloe giving a gift to Sarah doesn’t tell you that you’re not the one she’s interested in, then you’re in David’s league of stupid!"

Terrifying Pierce link

One eagle-eyed fan has been looking a bit more deeply into Chloe's identity, and spotted that she shares a surname with one of Emmerdale's most sinister villains.

Domestic abuser and rapist Pierce Harris was out to ruin Rhona Goskirk's life before eventually being sentenced to life in prison.

He even murdered Graham Foster, who Rhona went on to have a relationship with.

And now fans are sure Chloe could be some relation to the villain, as her surname is also Harris.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer penned: "Chloe’s last name is Harris. Any relation to Pierce?"

Someone else remarked the theory was "interesting", as another replied: "OMG!"

Could Chloe's arrival herald bad news for Rhona?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7pm on ITV.

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