Emmerdale’s Vinny murder predicted by fans as abusive Paul attacks him again

Emmerdale viewers are sure that Paul Ashdale's (Reece Dinsdale) abuse of his son Vinny (Bradley Johnson) is going to end in tragedy as he lashed out at his son once again.

Paul was left furious when Vinny suggested that he should come clean about his gambling relapse to Mandy (Lisa Riley), as he had cost them the deposit for their new flat.

Vinny was caught out by his friend Liv Flaherty as she realised he had stolen £500 off Aaron Dingle to try and make up the money that Paul had nicked from them.

Fans know that in Tuesday's episode, a hurt Paul stole the money from the tin in the Dingle home after realising she and Vinny didn't trust him not to start gambling again.

However, Paul was gutted when he bet all the money on the races, and his horse tumbled at the final hurdle.

However, Vinny lashed out and went to hit his son once again as the show ended, leaving fans terrified for his safety.

One posted: "I feel Vinny has blown his chances now. Paul will do all it takes to stop his gambling secret from spiralling to Mandy. Even if he had to kill Vinny he could if he had to. Vinny needs to do the right thing and needs to stop taking risks."

Another added: "Please don't kill off vinnie for the actor to become a singer again."

A third chipped in: "Paul is evil he was about to beat him up again."

A fourth asked for Paul to be killed off as they wrote: "Paul is vile, please kill him off."

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Is Vinny going to be killed off by his own dad in a tragic storyline?

Lisa teased to Digital Spy: "There's lots to come, going right into next spring.

"We've done so much research into this, and how a child starts living a lie as they are fearful of losing their family unit.

"Paul is like any addict and will go to any lengths to feed that addiction. The viewers will see what Paul is putting Vinny through, although Mandy has no idea."

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.

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