First look at Hollyoaks' New Year's Eve special sees Tony, Diane and the McQueens' lives on the line

FIRST look at Hollyoaks’ much-anticipated New Year’s Eve special that will see Tony, Diane and the McQueens’ lives on the line. 

The brand new winter trailer teases the special flash forward episode that was first shown one year ago, with flashes of the storyline hinting to what the year had in store for the residents of Hollyoaks village. 

In amongst the many twists, turns and knife-edge moments heading for the soap, danger is brewing for Tony and Diane as evil Edward looks set to kill at least one of them after months of torture.

After he viciously attacks Diane with a briefcase, he tells Tony that she is dead, before offering his distraught son a ‘to die for’ mince pie… What’s in the pie? 

Tragedy is also heading for John Paul and his boyfriend PC Kiss – will it be connected to whoever is in the body bag? 

In the trailer, viewers watch again as John Paul hysterically cries over a body bag, but now we can see that his boyfriend, PC George Kiss’ work badge is lying right next to it. 

George has been investigating the County Lines run over the past year, have the drug dealers caught up with him?

Serial killer Silas Blissett, who returned to wreck more havoc on the McQueen’s, dresses up as Santa and tells them they’re on the naughty list. 

The crazy murderer, who looks like he should be an old school geography teacher, declares the family will never see Mercedes' son, Bobby, again. 

*Insert evil, murderous laugh*

The trailer reminds viewers of the haunting speech Nancy gave at last year's NYE party: “I am proud to be part of this community. 

“We are trying to give our kids a flying start in what can be a pretty terrifying world. I wish you all a year of happiness, of unrivalled success, and love”.

The past year has been building up to this dramatic climax, which teased a deadly end for one resident.

It’s not all doom and gloom, mostly but not entirely, as there’s a New Year’s Eve wedding for Tom Cunningham, and Yazz Maalik. 

Loved up bride-to-be Yazz is seen gushing over her fiancé as she tries on wedding dresses for the big day, but will it all go off without a hitch… Probably best not to place any bets, this is Hollyoaks after all. 

With all the murders and plots planned for this winter, Christmas in Hollyoaks looks set to be bloody amazing.

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