'Gilmore Girls': Is This Definitive Proof That Rory and Jess Were Meant To Be Together?

Gilmore Girls fans can not agree on who Rory Gilmore Belongs with. Some fans strongly believe her first love, Dean Forrester, was the one for her. Other viewers argue that Jess Mariano was her perfect match. Still, other viewers believe Logan Huntzberger, Rory’s most serious beau, is the ideal mix of high society and bravado. Fans who are on team Jess might have definitive proof that Rory and Jess are meant to be together, though. The potential evidence came in a brief, season 3 scene, argue believers.

Jess Mariano and Rory Gilmore’s relationship was messy

Jess has plenty of fans. Still, it’s hard to deny that he remains Rory’s most complicated beau. Jess’s complexity made their relationship the most dramatic and the messiest of Rory’s three main love affairs. Still, he’s got a ton of fans. So, what makes people love Jess?

Jess and Rory actually had a ton in common, point out fans. They enjoyed the same music and read the same books. Rory and Jess were also both born to single mothers who struggled with figuring out how to raise them best. Jess and Rory were both outsiders who didn’t care for the social engagement of high school. While Rory was more academically minded, Jess was more self-assured. Overall, the pair didn’t work as teens, but fans of the romance argue that an adult relationship between the two could make a lot of sense.

Jess and Rory’s final scene together in the third season of Gilmore Girls paid homage to The Graduate

The Graduate was referenced several times during Gilmore Girls. One of the more obscure references could be the proof fans were looking for that Rory and Jess were always meant to end up together. In season 3, just as Jess is leaving town to find his father in California, he and Rory connect on the bus. The pair sit together on the back seat, with the camera films them straight on, so that the window is visible in the back.

In The Graduate, the movie’s final scene features Dustin Hoffman’s character, Ben Braddock, and Katherine Ross’ character, Elaine Robinson, seated in the back of the bus as they flee Elaine’s wedding. The couple never faces each other during the scene, just like Rory and Jess don’t face each other during their exchange, either.

Is the scene, similar to the one in The Graduate, proof that Rory and Jess belong together?

Fans of the pairing argue that the scene could be definitive proof that Amy Sherman-Palladino intended for Rory and Jess to end up together. The Graduate’s final scene doesn’t exactly reveal if Ben and Elaine end up together in the long run, though. Still, it’s strongly implied that the pair is running away together. If Sherman-Palladino created the scene in Gilmore Girls to mimic the scene in The Graduate, it could hint at the couple’s future together.

If the The Graduate reference isn’t enough, fans of the couple have picked up other clues that seem to indicate that Rory and Jess are supposed to be a lifelong pair. Reddit users point out that Jess, especially in the revival is just like Luke. If Jess is supposed to be Luke and Rory is supposed to be just like her mother, Lorelai Gilmore, Jess and Rory logically belong together. Unfortunately, for Jess fans, some viewers strongly believe another mirrored relationship is more telling. Rory and Logan’s relationship closely mimics Richard and Emily Gilmore’s relationship, meaning they belong together.

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