GMB fans delighted as Gary Neville ‘owns’ Edwina Currie in Universal Credit spat

A lively discussion on Good Morning Britain led to viewers praising Gary Neville for how he tackled Edwina Currie over Universal Credit.

The ex-footballer and the ex-politician both appeared via video link to talk about the benefit cut, which comes into force yesterday (6 October).

Currie told hosts Susanna Reid and Alastair Campbell: "What we have to realise is we've got something like a million vacancies being advertised in this country, it doesn't make any kind of sense to pay people to stay at home."

She added: "There's 30 million people out there who are listening to me as I say, 'The best benefit is a job'. The economy needs people to get into work."

40 per cent of Universal Credit recipients are already in work, but their wages are not enough to live on.

Neville, 46, was quick to dismantle the reasoning by Currie, 74.

He hit back: "Well, let me just translate what Edwina has just said for people up and down the country because it's a message Conservative MPs have been entrenching in our minds for a long time.

"The first thing that Edwina said was ,'I'm okay here, we're okay here', which is the first thing a Conservative MP does, they look after themselves.

"The next thing she said was, 'Go and get a job, get off your backsides you lazy sods. Stop watching Good Morning Britain and go and get a job'."

Gary continued: "I trust the population of this country, I work on the theory that people at home aren't sitting there lazy, they really want a good job, they really want good pay, they really want their mental health to be sorted.

"To me the language is always divisive, it's not helpful. It's really dangerous, we're one team in this country, we're one group of people.

"Honestly, to remove Universal Credit payments at this moment in time is brutal. Let's be clear, it's brutal," he added.

Edwina fired back: "I'm hoping the next job he takes is to stand for parliament…I'm not sure how good he is as a footballer."

Gary shrugged that off, saying: "Not that good actually."

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Gary spent his entire career playing for Manchester United, and eventually became team captain. Edwina was a Conservative MP from 1983 to 1997.

He later mocked Edwina for suggesting people could train to be a chef in a short space of time.

"You can't train to be a chef in five minutes by the way," he told her, but this led her to suggest that people can work as a kitchen porter.

"You go and be a kitchen porter," Gary replied. "You wouldn't do it herself so why would you go and ask someone else to do it!"

GMB viewers took to Twitter to endorse Gary's handling of the ex-Tory MP.

"The excellent Gary Neville destroying the vacuous Edwina Curry and the Tory record on #GMB," one person posted.

A second tweeted: "Gary Neville on @GMB hit the nail on the head and just owned Edwina Curry.#garyforPM #GMB."

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