GMB’s Ben and Susanna comfort guest as she breaks down over tragic family death

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Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid had to offer comfort to George Floyd's sister LaTonya who broke down in tears live on air.

LaTonya joined Good Morning Britain to discuss the tragic death of her brother last year after an American police officer Derek Chauvin had kneeled on his neck causing his death.

Derek's trial will go ahead today with the officer now facing third-degree murder charges.

When discussing the situation that sparked the BLM movement worldwide, LaTonya couldn't fight back the tears.

Finding it tough to discuss, LaTonya broke down live on air.

As a moment of silence happened, Susanna quickly interjected: "We know this is hard for you."

LaTonya found the entire interview incredibly difficult and sobbed when remembering the good times she had shared with her brother George.

Susanna asked: "How will you be remembering George today?"

Wiping away the tears from her face, LaTonya said: "I will remember our lives together"

"That was my baby boy."

She recalled some of the their fonder times spent together, with the siblings often singing down the phone to one another.

LaTonya explained: "We used to sing together all of the time.

"I'm just going to remember the good times and the bad times."

"I just wish he was here but that’s not going to happen."

Earlier on in the show, LaTonya has told Ben and Susanna that "all lives matter".

Since Derek's death the Black Lives Matter movement was ignited across the globe raising a question mark about racism in todays society.

Taken back that LaTonya had not backed BLM, Susanna remarked: "Interesting to hear all lives matter."

George's sister didn't really have much more to say on the matter but nodded along in agreement with her statement.

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