Gogglebox hit by Ofcom complaints as cast mock royal family and joke Meghan Markle could ‘get a job on EastEnders’

GOGGLEBOX were hit by Ofcom complaints as the cast mocked the royal family and joked Meghan Markle could "get a job on EastEnders" after the Oprah interview.

The Channel 4 show – which sees families and friends from around the country comment on the hottest TV shows – ribbed both the royal family and Meghan Markle on last Friday's episode.

But the jokes have landed them with 51 complaints from Britain's broadcast regulator for "anti-royalist commentary".

The Gogglebox cast watched Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Prince Harry told the former chat show host that The Firm suggested Meghan start acting again to cover their security costs after they alleged it had been withdrawn.

Stephen Webb replied by saying: "What did they want her to do? Get her a part in EastEnders?"

Meanwhile siblings Sophie and Pete Sandiford also commented on it, with Sophie saying: "Stick her in the gift shop while you're at it.

"You know, 30 hours a week in the gift shop should cover her funds."

Meghan and Harry's explosive two-hour interview on ITV attracted a total audience of 11.1 million.

The couple made a string of bombshell claims including Meghan opening up about her contemplated suicide and racial abuse she experienced by the royal family.

However, not everyone found the interview gripping – as Jenny fell asleep during it.

Jenny was seen peacefully sleeping on the sofa until best friend Lee screamed, leaving her shaken.

The TV favourite woke up in shock, saying: "You frightened me to death. Why has the sound gone off the telly. You are a prat you."

Lee burst into laughter at his little prank and said: "I was talking to you and you fell asleep."

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