Gordon Ramsay shocks This Morning viewers as he reveals his HUGE shoe size

GORDON Ramsay has astonished fans by revealing his staggeringly large shoe size.

The 54-year-old star said on This Morning that he has had to tiptoe around the set of his new show – because he has size 15 feet.

He admitted the game Bank Balance, which sees players piling bricks on a teetering platform, could be easily upset by his monster shoes.

Gordon explained: "When you can’t think of that final answer then they have to put a penalty on the board and I know that board is going to tip.

"I’ve got size 15 feet so I’m walking around this beautiful Bank Balance set on tiptoes.

"I'm, trying not to sneeze, breathe or even just shudder in the event that the board comes crashing down. It’s quite nervewracking."

The average male shoe size in the UK is a 10, with size 15 shoes measuring more than 30cm – the length of a standard ruler.

This Morning viewers were shocked at how big Gordon's feet were, with one tweeting: "WOAH, Hang on…. Gordon Ramsey has size 15 feet? 😳."

A second roared: "Soooo @GordonRamsay just did an interview on @thismorning and the only piece of information I got from it was HES A SIZE 15 FEET?!

"Whaaaaaaat 😱😱😱😱. I need to see some visual evidence of these Sasquatch tootsies pronto."

A third asked: "You know what they say about a guy with big feet?" to which one joker inevitably replied: "Yeah big shoes."

Bank Balance sees teams of two answer questions to get potential winnings of £100,000 by balancing a series of “gold bars” on a wobbling platform.

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