Hollyoaks’ biggest ever comebacks from Jorgie Porter to Kelly Condron

In Soapland, the only time you can be completely sure that you won't see someone again is if they're killed off – and even then, you need to have seen a body, otherwise a shocking death twist could be heading your way.

Often bosses leave the storyline open enough that a character could return to the show if they should wish, and over the years that has happened countless times – particularly in the likes of Hollyoaks.

As Kelly Condron returns as Zara Morgan 16 years after she left the Channel 4 soap, Daily Star has looked at cast members who have truly made an impact upon their return.

Whether it is the element of shock factor or merely for a mind-blowing storyline, comebacks are a favourite, and we've got our Top 5 from the world of Hollyoaks.

Jorgie Porter as Theresa McQueen

Jorgie Porter returned to the soap in time for its 25th anniversary in 2020 as she returned for a big storyline with the McQueen family following her exit four years prior.

As Jorgie returned, the storyline surrounding the McQueen family saw them terrorised by a blackmail plot as anonymous texts and talking dolls focused on them.

Her character Theresa did have a hand in the blackmail plot after she helped Seth, who she was in a relationship with, extort money from her family – though she wasn't aware that this was for Silas.

Upon her return, Jorgie told Digital Spy she would "love to stay" on the soap after she returned to the same studios when she filmed Come Dine With Me.

Jorgie is currently still in Hollyoaks as Theresa McQueen, and she's hopeful that her character will be able to stay for some time.

Jeff Rawle as Silas Blissett

Jeff Rawle was cast as serial killer Silas Blissett in 2010 and appeared on the show for a number of stints and has currently left the show again after his final murder attempt in January 2021 – but there is still scope for his return.

In a haunting storyline, Silas played the anonymous person behind the blackmail plot which targeted the McQueens – a shocking four years after he had left the village.

As he returned for the 25th anniversary last year, he attempted to strangle Mercedes McQueen, but was knocked out by Theresa McQueen and left for dead, but he recovered and disappeared.

However, fans aren't convinced that they won't be seeing him again, as Silas has disappeared before.

He has killed six people and attempted to kill six people – some of which he has attempted multiple times – and over the years he has returned often – so will he be seen again?

Jamie Lomas as Warren Fox

Jamie Lomas returned to Hollyoaks as Warren Fox in 2020 as he came face to face with his ex Sienna Blake for the first time in years.

Eyebrows were raised as he returned to tell Sienna that their son Sebastian has leukaemia and he was in need of a bone marrow transplant as he begged her to get tested.

In the months that followed, Warren and Sienna had a shocking affair – and months later, Sienna was shot by Summer, who attempted to frame Warren for the attack.

Warrens return was certainly set to drum up some drama on the soap, as he's often found himself on the wrong side of the law for multiple reasons.

In the past his crimes have ranged from fraud to murder, with a growing list of victims – and even more attempted murder victims – over the years.

Kelly Condron as Zara Morgan

Kelly Condron is the latest cast member to return to the village, a whopping 16 years after her exit and 22 years since she first appeared on the soap.

When she was first on the soap she caused quite a stir, even attempting to burn down the school, but her wholesome exit in 2005 saw her leave to work for a charity in Thailand.

She reunites with her brother Luke after finding out about her mum's funeral through a post on social media.

Prior to her return, Kelly Condron said: "I'm really excited to be back in the iconic village after such a long time, and to work with the team playing a part in what's going to be such an important and relevant story."

Kelly returns as Zara Morgan tonight on E4 at 7pm and again the following day at 6:30pm on Channel 4.

Gemma Bissix as Clare Devine

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Gemma Bissix returned to Hollyoaks as Clare Devine in 2013 after spending years as one of the soap's most popular baddies prior to her exit.

Through secret scheme and a shocking kidnap of Warren Fox which got her arrested in 2009, she was certainly a villain in the eyes of the viewers.

Clare returned four years later, but actress Gemma admits that her exaggerated want to be the villain – which saw her lock Mercedes McQueen in a cage and threaten her with dogs – turned audiences off the character.

Speaking on The Dog in The Pond podcast hosted by Kelly Condron, she admitted that her character was no longer likeable, even as the love-to-hate villain, which ultimately saw the downfall of Clare.

Hollyoaks airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 6.30pm followed by first-look episodes on E4 at 7pm

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