Homes Under The Hammer fans distracted by VERY rude-looking bushes in front of posh estate

HOMES Under the Hammer fans were distracted by some rather rude-looking bushes guarding a posh estate.

Eagle-eyed viewers ere quick to pick up on the unfortunately shaped bush, which appeared in a repeat episode last month.

The topiary could be seen in the background behind presenters Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts.

The 50-year-old took to Instagram and spoke about the hilarious moment with her fans.

She penned: "I can honestly say when we filmed our Hammer links on this glorious day we didn’t realise the amount of attention it would get.

"I can honestly tell you we would not risk spending hours recording our PTC’s for them only to get canned… it obvs didn’t look as ‘funny’ or ‘obvious’ IRL !!”

Lucy also shared the news with her 37.9k Twitter followers, and posted a different photo with Martin Roberts and Dion Dublin, with the unique looking bush in the background.

But as Lucy stood in between Martin and Dion, the focus was instead on the phallic-shaped bushes behind them.

The trio seemed to be filming in the grounds of a stately home or hotel.

Lucy, 50, wrote: "Getting a lot of attention from this mornings topiary behind me," adding a face with tears of joy emoji.

One friend replied and joked: "It's not the size of your bush, it's what you do with it."

A fan asked: "Is it Willy Wonkas house?"

One commented: "Looks like your standing in the middle of two c**ks lucy!"

"They weren't drooping Lucy so take that as a compliment," added another.

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