Horrified Jason Manford reveals scammer is using his images on fake Facebook account – and warns fans not to give cash

JASON Manford has revealed his face is being used on a fake Facebook – and warns fans not to be scammed out of money.

The 39-year-old warned fans that an imposter is asking fans for money.

Sharing a screenshot of the offender's messages on the social media site, Jason said: "A fan in Argentina sent me a Facebook profile based in Turkey of someone using my pictures to dupe people into giving them money! It's really weird to see my pictures being misused like this.

"Please know I would never ask you for money (well not directly, I'd love you to buy a tour ticket!) so don't be duped by Turkish Manford no matter how dashing he looks in photos!"

The fake Facebook page is using Jason's pictures under the name of Chris Pavillion.

He uploaded several snaps of Jason, including one alongside Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan.

In another photo, Jason was outside the Television Centre in London.

One shows him doing DIY, writing: "I love my profession so much. Creativity and innovation is part of me. I derive joy in doing it."

But most of the posts are tagged in Istanbul, Turkey. 

After Jason shamed him online, the Facebook page changed to the name "Maurice Harrison".

One fan joked to the comic: "Chris Pavilion? He hangs about with Barry Marquee and Jeff Teepee."

Another said: "Come of it Chris, we all know that’s you really. When you going to give up this “Jason Manford” schtick?"

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