How much does it cost to stay on the Below Deck yachts?

BELOW Deck sees millionaires, and even billionaires, being treated to fine wine and dining onboard a superyacht.

But many of us mere mortals often wonder how much it REALLY costs to hire one of these luxury vessels.

How much does it cost to stay on the Below Deck yachts?

Below Deck has been thrilling fans since it first landed on Bravo in 2013.

Since then it has spawned two spin-off seasons and has opened it's doors to some of the richest people in the world.

So far five superyachts have featured on the main series of the franchise.

But many fans often wonder how much it would set them back to stay on board one of these luxury vessels and new research by  Leader Floors has just the answer.


Featured in season one of Below Deck this yacht like many of the others was actually given a new name for the series and is in fact named Lumiere. 

Built in 1999, the last known asking price of the Lumiere was a staggering $9,900,000 (£6,982,649).

If you fancied hiring it for a week during the summer season where the boat docks in areas of France, Italy and Monaco you’d be paying a minimum of €175,000 (£150,723) per week.

In the winter season, stopping in only France and Monaco, you’d be looking at a minimum cost of $186,000 (£131,189). 


Season two features the Motor Yacht Ohana, which has since been renamed Rhino.

A slightly older boat, built in 1998, Ohana is also smaller than Honor, but its interiors are just as beautiful.

The last known asking price for Ohana was $9,995,000 (£7,049,654) and chartering throughout the Bahamas will cost you a minimum of $140,000 (£98,745) per week in both the summer and winter seasons.


Season three’s epic yacht was named Eros, again another alias name.

At the time of filming the real name of this yacht was Mustang Sally but has since been changed to Stay Salty.

You’d be expected to drop a hefty $175,000 (£123,431) to stay on this boat for a week.


Motor Yacht Valor was the first boat to feature in multiple seasons.

The vessel – which was featured in seasons four, five and seven – is actually called BG, named after it’s owner Bobby Genovese.

Built in 2013, Bobby purchased this yacht for a cool $15 million (£10.5 million).

This vessel is notably more modern than the yachts featured in the early seasons of the show, but despite this, it isn’t the most expensive to charter.

In the summer season Valor docks in areas of France, Italy, Monaco & Turkey and you’d be spending a minimum of €140,000 (£120,578) for a week's hire.

Alternatively, in the winter season Valor escapes to the Caribbean.

The boat docks in Antigua, Bahamas, Cuba, Saint Martin & St Barts, which costs a minimum of $168,000 (£118,493) per week.

My Senna

The next yacht to feature in more than one season is superyacht My Seanna, appearing in seasons six and eight.

The largest of all boat’s featured throughout the series and the only yacht that currently has the same name as it did in the show.

Built in 2001, the last known asking price for My Seanna was an eye watering $21,900,000 (£15,446,466), which is why you will be paying far more to charter this yacht than any of the others.

Should you wish to hire My Seanna for a week in the summer season, docking in the Bahamas, a minimum of €287,000 (£247,186) would be necessary.

However, if you want to visit areas in the Bahamas, Antigua, Saint Martins & St Barts in the winter season, the price starts at $294,000 (£207,364).


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