Hundreds of women preparing class action over ‘cancer link to breast implants’

More than 250 women aim to bring a class action over possible links between breast implants and illness including cancer, a TV investigation reveals.

For decades women have complained of so-called breast implant illness, with symptoms such as palpitations, rashes, hair loss, joint pain, anxiety and depression.

Abbie Eastwood, who presents tonight’s Channel 4 Dispatches report, had breast implants when she was 25.

She said: “My hair fell out, I had memory fog, aches and pains, utter exhaustion. I had to stop work. I spent whole days in bed.”

The show’s findings have persuaded a Government watchdog to rethink its stance on implants and illness.

A Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency spokesman said: “We and our advisory group are already looking at the evidence around this and we would be eager to learn more from patients, particularly about their experiences in this area.”

One woman’s left breast began to swell nine months after her implants were inserted in 2012, the programme revealed.

Julie Harris had the fluid drained but it kept filling. After tests Julie was told she had advanced breast implant-related cancer.

The illness had taken two-and-a-half years to diagnose.

She has had six cycles of chemotherapy but when she wrote to the implant makers she was offered just under £4,000 for “out of pocket expenses”. She is taking legal action, alongside 250 other women.

Last month the Mirror revealed ­bailiffs have visited women given faulty breast implants in the poly implant prothese, PIP, scandal to warn they may have to return payouts following a legal appeal.

  • Britain’s Breast Implant Scandal: Dispatches tomorrow night, 8pm, Channel 4.

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