Innocent viewers convinced 'creepy' Karen is Matty's killer as they get 'weird feeling and don't trust her'

VIEWERS of ITV's hit drama Innocent have been left certain that school governor Karen is guilty of killing 16-year-old student Matty Taylor.

While some fans were left confused as several characters were thrown into the mix, with secret and lies revealed, several pointed out Karen's "suspicious" behaviour.

In the episode, Sally – who was wrongly imprisoned over the teen's death – revealed Karen may have had eyes for her ex-husband for a long time.

As part of a tense confrontation in her house, the English teacher remarked at how the school governor had been stalking her partner Sam.

When Sally was taken to prison, Sam filed for divorce and swiftly got together with Karen, who viewers say has been giving off a "weird feeling".

Fans are convinced that both she and her teenage daughter Beth are hiding something and are linked to the murder of Matty Taylor.

Theories pointed towards Karen killing the boy and pointing the finger at Sally to get her out of the way in order to get to Sam.

While others suggested she was covering for her daughter Bethany, or even knew more than she let on about former student Anna.

"Karen is giving off a weird feeling, I don't trust her," one viewer began the discussion, as a second agreed: "So suspicious. She has to be involved."

"Karen did it, she's a bunny boiler and Sally mentioned Karen had a crush on her ex years ago," a third added to the theory.

While a fourth concurred: "Creepy obsessed Karen is in the back of their pictures. She's a nasty piece of work."

Others suggested Karen had been in cahoots with Anna, getting her to lie about seeing Sally and Matty together in order to get her imprisoned.

"Did Karen get Anna to stitch Sally up?" one woman suggested, to which other fans agreed and said they "liked her thinking".

While one said they felt quiet Bethany was involved, and that Karen could simply be covering it up: "It's Karen's daughter and she's protecting her."

Some fans didn't even have reasoning other than suspicion: "I'm going with Karen as there's just something off about her. She just screams psycho stalker."

However, some viewers stuck up for Karen as the "second wife" and pointed the finger back to Sally for framing the governor.

"I wonder if Karen knew that Sally was sleeping with Matty and that's why she treats her like a piece of s*** on her shoe," they concluded.

Aside from Karen, fingers were being pointed by fans at Matty's parents – as they found out his dad was not his biological father.

To make things more suspicious, his mother is covering up the identity of the mystery man, leaving viewers to believe it could be Sam.

If that wasn't all, it was revealed that Anna and Matty dated briefly before his death, but they drifted apart as he soon lost interest.

Meanwhile, Anna developed an obsession, spying on him, carving his name into her chest and storing items linked to him in a hidden box.

Innocent returns for it's third and fourth instalment on Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm on ITV.

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