‘Jake and Liberty are the new Michael and Amber – and she’s going to get hurt’

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Hey guys I’m back with my weekly column! And boy what a week it’s been. We had a dumping after TWO DAYS; we had a girl pop off at a guy and call him the C-word and now there is a chance the sexiest guy on the show might leave! If Brad leaves, I quit.

I’m joking. But come on – he is some serious eye candy, right?

Shannon getting dumped after two days was actually savage! She definitely spent more time quarantining and preparing than actually being in that villa. That’s the thing with Love Island, you can never get too comfortable and you never know what’s around the corner.

You have to have three things on your side to be able to stay in there the long run.

  1. Luck
  2. The public
  3. Your fellow islanders

In Shannon’s case she was very unlucky! For me, I stayed there from day one until a few days before the final because a few times I got lucky and my fellow islanders always had my back.

I’m really shocked that Chloe picked Hugo as a friend couple but I actually really rate her for doing that because she’s technically putting herself at risk if someone comes in for Hugo – what a woman! I really loved that about her and I’m super happy Hugo has been given a chance at finding someone because he really seems like an absolute sweetheart. It's time nice guys don’t finish last!

Is it just me or does anyone else see a repeat of Amber and Michael and Shaughna and Callum coming on with Liberty and Jake? He’s having all these conversations with the boys about how his head can be turned and something is missing but I honestly don’t think she has a clue! They really need to have a conversation soon – the last thing I want to see is Liberty get hurt. She seems like such a sweet girl.

If I’m honest, the vibe I’m getting so far this year is that the men just aren’t that into the women as much as the women are. There doesn’t seem to be that much chemistry between any of them at the moment – but we’ll see how that develops over the next few weeks. As we all know – anything can change! Out of everyone though, I feel like the strongest couple at the moment is definitely Sharon and Aaron because I feel like they’re on the same level in terms of how much they actually do like each other.

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I don’t get f*** boy vibes from Toby anymore which is good. I feel like he gave off those vibes as more of a security blanket because really, he’s a softie. It’s very weird being in the villa when you see other couples moving at such a fast pace; it’s so intense and you can get so confused if you’re not moving at the same pace. So, I do see where he is coming from when he said that, but I still don’t think he’s that into Kaz. She is so beautiful and bubbly though so I really do hope someone comes in there and gives her that attention she deserves… and in her own words "rails her".

My favourite contestant has to be Faye at the moment. Even though I love Brad I totally respect the way she went off at him for the challenge. I love it when women aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves! What he did was a little out of order; I know it’s a game but I doubt Faye is the person he least fancies in the villa since, not only did he couple up with her, but she also looks very much like Chloe, the girl he said he fancies the most!

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The challenge was absolutely hilarious and reminded me of all the challenges we had to do; they were always so much fun – except when you come out and sit in the sun covered in slime and wait for your turn in the Beach Hut – I hated that part so much!

My first impressions of Rachel? She is absolutely beautiful and super confident; she might just need a little practice walking in heels – but to be fair, the decking in that villa is so hard to walk on and I can remember getting my heels stuck in them far too many times to count – even if they didn't show it!

What a cliff-hanger to end on though, hey? My gut is telling me I think Rachel will pick Brad. And to be honest, I hope she does. Not only for the obvious reasons, but I just feel like she is genuinely his type. He’s said it from the beginning and hasn’t really been attracted to anyone else so far – there definitely feels like there's true chemistry there. Whereas I feel like Chuggs is just saying the right things to stay in the villa and there didn't seem to be much of an initial spark like with Rachel and Brad.

Who do you think Rachel will couple up with? One thing’s for sure, I can't wait to find out tonight! I’ll be on the edge of my seat!




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