Jamie Redknapp in tears as he recalls moment he fainted after seeing dad Harry's horrifying injuries from deadly car crash

JAMIE Redknapp was left in tears as he recalled the horrifying moment his dad Harry was almost killed in a devastating car crash.

The football manager's son – who was 17 at the time – broke down on Piers Morgan's Life Stories over the painful memories.

Harry suffered "terrible injuries" in the roac accident in Italy that killed four people – including West Ham teammate Brian Tiler – in 1990.

"When Jamie saw him, he passed out," revealed Harry's wife Sandra.

In an interview with Jamie, the 45-year-old struggled to keep a hold on his emotions as he said: "He was in a coma for a few days.

"I didn't like seeing him in that situation. It was difficult."

"We were so proud to have him back, but he wasn't able to manage for a while.

"That was hard for him.

"It was difficult time all around, which I don't think a lot of people realised.

"He didn't even speak to us about it.

"It was one of his best mates. It was awful."

Harry told Piers the guilt he feels about the horror car crash that killed his best friend.

"We were about to get on the bus and I stopped to start talking to some Irish fans and Brian was saying 'come on Harry, we've got to go.'

"I carried on talking. I often think to myself if I hadn't carried on talking and got on the bus when they were calling me, we would have missed that."

In a terrible twist of fate, Brian was sat in Harry's seat on the bus where he was killed.

"I remember him saying 'I've nicked your seat, you're going to have to sit over there', sort of thing," explained Harry.

"It was a horrendous tragedy for me losing him and the three young kids in the other care.

"You just never know. One minute your life is great and you're making plans.

"It was looking to be a great trip for us, then suddenly this happened."

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