Jeopardy! contestants petition to remove Dr Oz as guest host and claim TV doc's medical advice is 'baseless and wrong'

JEOPARDY! contestants have created a petition to remove Dr Oz as a guest host as they claim the TV doc’s medical advice is “baseless and wrong.”

The long-running show has invited a variety of A-List stars to host until a permanent one takes over for Alex Trebek, the beloved presenter who died of pancreatic cancer last year.

More than 500 former contestants and winners of Jeopardy! have signed an open letter on Medium opposing Dr. Oz as a guest host of the show. 

In the letter, addressed to executive producer Mike Richards, the disgruntled players wrote: “…when we heard that Dr. Mehmet Oz was slated to be a guest host, agreement came quickly — we were opposed.”

Dr. Oz, a former health expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show, has long been a controversial figure in the medical world.

In the letter from former contestants and winner, they slammed: "Throughout his nearly two decades on television he has used his authority as a doctor to push harmful ideas onto the American public, in stark contrast with his oath to first do no harm."

These include, "legitimizing gay conversion therapy (which is banned in California, as well as 19 other states)," "dangerous 'cures' for autism," and, most recently, "the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19."

In 2014 a British Medical Journal study even went so far as to declare half of his medical advice “baseless or wrong,” and in 2015 a group of his peers petitioned to have him removed from Columbia Medical School.

The letter ends: "Jeopardy! is known for being incredibly rigorous; a well-deserved reputation. As contestants, we’ve all seen what happens behind the scenes if there’s any doubt about a question.

"We’ve seen writers and judges frantically cross-reference answers in real time to make sure that the facts are accurate. To then invite Dr. Oz to guest-host is a slap in the face to all involved."

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