Jodie Prenger reacts to 'dream' Corrie casting and reveals all on Glenda

Theatre star Jodie Prenger is swapping the stage for the screen soon, heading into the land of Coronation Street for her new role as Glenda Shuttleworth.

Sister to George (Tony Maudsley), Glenda has spent time on cruise ships and lives quite a different life to her funeral director brother.

Making her arrival to Weatherfield isn’t exactly straight forward, as Glenda actually rocks up because she’s running away from someone she’s been having an affair with!

It looks set to be a laugh a minute with Glenda, who was created especially for Jodie Prenger, as the actress reveals:

‘In a way it’s a good job because whenever I’ve really, really wanted something so bad I always mess up the audition like you wouldn’t believe. I’m so grateful. It’s just brilliant.’

Telling us about the moment she got the call to confirm her role, Jodie smiled and explained: ‘I swear to God I must have petrified about 30-odd people at IKEA. We were at the checkout – I was with my mum – and my agent Michelle called. Michelle said “We’ve got the offer for Corrie.” Well, I screamed, and I cried. One woman nearly dropped a cactus, God love her. And then my mum came out, she started crying.

‘She went back in to get some meatless meatballs for me, but that’s another story. I wanted to tell the world, but I knew I couldn’t tell anyone and that was the hardest thing. But yes, I scared a lot of people in IKEA that day.’

Let’s talk about Glenda.

‘She’s a woman to be reckoned with’, Jodie tells us. ‘She reminds me a lot of my mother. She’s fun and she’s sassy and she’s a bundle of energy. She does come off a cruise ship and there’s a vibrancy with her which is just… she’s a dream to play.’

Recalling Glenda’s arrival to the cobbles, Jodie said: ‘I think she was having a ding-dong with a sous chef and then she was having an affair with a percussionist, so she had to get out of town!’

‘It got all a bit too close for our Glenda, didn’t it? So, she had to do a back door boogie and come over to Weatherfield to see her brother George. There’s a lot of love there and you can tell they come from a close-knit family. The minute you meet Tony you fall in love with him. You fall in love with everyone, you really do.

‘She just loves the bones of her brother. I instantly got that with Glenda and I think you instantly feel that with George. I think she does it in a bolshy way but in a heartfelt way. She’s just looking out for her bro.’

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