Jon & Kate Gosselin's daughter Mady, 20, dances around in a crop top and gives the middle finger in new TikTok video

KATE Plus 8’s Mady Gosselin, 20, flipped flaunted her flat stomach while dancing around in a crop top and flipping off the camera.

Fans couldn’t believe how much Jon and Kate Gosselin's daughter has grown up after seeing her get “angry” and give the middle finger in a new TikTok video.

Mady, who’s been fairly active on the video social media platform over the last few months, released a new video of her dancing to Zanzibar by Billy Joel.

She tried to re-create the popular dance challenge that goes with the tune, but the reality star had a bit of trouble getting everything just right.

Wearing high-waisted jeans, a white crop top and a long black, leather jacket, Mady pretended she was pulling some curtains down, followed by using her thumbs to point at herself, all as the lyrics instructed.

As the beat picked up, the 20-year-old college student shimmied and shook her hips side to side.

When it came time to switch it up and move over to another move, she appeared to mess up as she frowned and threw up both of her middle fingers.

She worked to recover from the mishap and finished out the dance by pretending to drive a car and then strumming on her air guitar, while smiling big and walking to turn off her camera.

In the caption, Mady shared she was heartbroken about “the over exposure” in the lighting of the video but added she would “not be doing it again.”

Fans didn’t seem to want her to try again, as they were entertained by her apparent mess-up, whether for good or for bad.

One user wrote: “My childhood flipping off the camera nooooo”

Another said: “Seeing a Gosselin kid give the finger has made my day”

A Kate Plus 8 fan told her it’s giving them “young mady anger vibes,” to which the TV star replied: “She really was angry wasn’t she.”

The attire being worn in the video also caught some fans’ eyes, but it wasn’t the jeans or the crop top but the long, leather outerwear.

The 20-year-old revealed it’s actually a men’s jacket that she “thrifted.”

Another TikTok follower told Mady she looked like an actress in the TikTok, calling her their “Aubrey Plaza queen.”

This dedlighted the former TLC star, with her responding: “I’m going to cry from flattery if this means you think I look like aubrey.”

Others just called Mady a “true icon,” “amazing,” and “gorgeous.” 

Over the last few months, Mady's also shared TikToks of herself singing and playing the guitar, dancing around with her fellow reality star siblings, and fawning over Harry Styles.

She said she "cried in the shower" after her crush Harry covered up his tattoos for his role in a new film, Don't Worry Darling.

The Syracuse University student also recently slammed a troll who came after her for not wearing a mask in a snap with her college roommates.

She captioned the post: "guys don’t roast me for the duck lips it’s a reflex".

The troll commented: "Nice mask".

In response to the comment, the TLC star wrote: "no need to wear masks with people I live with :)."

Last fall, Mady clapped back at “creepy men” who compliment her on Instagram. 

She also revealed in one video that she’s concerned she’s “incapable of love” and that everyone close to her will eventually “leave” her.

Her concerns about love and people leaving come after her parents Jon and Kate got a divorce in 2009.

The two have been in an epic custody battle over their eight children over the more than a decade since.

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