Kate Garraway shuts down Stanley Johnson over rules with Covid-19 vaccine

Kate Garraway shut down Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley after he suggested getting a second Covid-19 vaccine would get him a ‘get out of jail free card’.

Stanley Johnson appeared on Friday’s Good Morning Britain where he spoke with Kate and co-host Ben Shephard about his experience of getting the vaccine.

Kate, whose husband Derek is still in intensive care after battling the virus, looked shocked when Stanley admitted he was unaware about the rules set by his Prime Minister son.

Speaking about getting his booster jab, Stanley began: ‘I had my first jab on December 18, three weeks on is today. I am very much looking forward to it. I’m going to be fancy-free after that.

‘One thing that is not quite clear to me is what rules will apply to people who have [had both jabs], will we get a get out of jail free card? I think probably not.

‘We’ll still have to be locked down even though we’ve been notionally been released.’

‘They have made that quite clear, Stanley,’ Kate interrupted.

‘Your son has been saying this isn’t just carrying on in a care-free way because we don’t know if the vaccine protects you from spreading infection.’

‘And if it works, it reduces the impact of symptoms, which is a huge thing, but still means you have to be very careful,’ she added.

Kate went on to quiz the 80-year-old about whether he was worried about the latest coronavirus figures.

To which he replied: ‘I am very reassured actually Kate by the fact we have got a grip on the vaccination programme.

‘Someone said “Give us the tools and we will finish the jab” and now we have got the army as well.

‘I am confident we will get there by Easter.’

Throwing his support behind Kate, Ben continued: ‘We saw Stanley Johnson talking about what he has to do and how he has to behave – or not really knowing how he has to behave.

‘Fortunately, Kate put him right. He’s the Prime Minister’s son, but he didn’t know, having had the second booster, what he can and can’t do.’

Dr Hilary Jones, who was also on hand, explained to GMB viewers what the rules are if you have had a Covid-19 vaccine.

‘You still have to follow the social distancing rules and all the other guidelines because immunity isn’t there for three weeks,’ he explained.

‘You still have to be very careful, even after the vaccinations.’

Kate’s husband Derek Draper is currently free of coronavirus but is still thought to be in a ‘state of minimal consciousness’ after emerging from a deeper coma last year.

This week, Kate said she’d had a ‘tough’ Christmas, but that she was able to see him over Christmas.

Metro.co.uk has reached out to Stanley Johnson’s rep for comment.

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