Kirstie Allsopp slams Gogglebox as 'mean' and the 'cruelest form of TV'

KIRSTIE Allsopp has branded Gogglebox “mean” and “the cruelest form of TV” in a surprising rant.

The TV presenter, 49, hit out at the show in a new interview, saying: “One of my least favourite TV shows is Gogglebox.”

She continued to My Weekly magazine: “It’s the worst form of mean, cruel television. It’s one thing to talk about people in private but to put it in a public space is not entertainment.”

The Location, Location, Location star previously revealed her dislike of the show after they dissected her show Kirstie’s Crafty Christmas on it.

She described it as “stomach churning” and said it was “just people being negative about other people.”

Despite her feeling towards Gogglebox, Kirstie has made it clear she is a big fan of Channel 4, which broadcasts show.

Discussing it’s possible privatisation, she said last week: "Folk say @Channel4 is too woke, and selling it appeals to anti woke voters, but they’ve had me front & centre for the last 20 years, and him indoors.

"Much as I like to use correct & sensitive language and understand the issues of the day I hardly think Pip [co-star Phil Spencer] & I are woke central.”

When someone pointed out she regularly slams Googlebox, she replied: "I hate what Gogglebox did to my Christmas show, but that’s Channel 4 for you, they employ me yet still allow me to attack one of their shows.

"It is an amazing place to work, all the TV I have ever made is for Channel 4.”

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