Law and Order Organized Crime: Why was Kathleen Stabler killed?

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Law and Order Organized Crime has one of the darkest and most personal storylines of any Law and Order series so far. Season one is set in motion by the death of Elliot Stabler’s (played by Christopher Meloni) wife Kathleen (Allison Siko). But why was she killed before the events of season one?

Why was Kathleen Stabler killed?

Season one of Law and Order Organized Crime has a complicated backstory which is explored throughout the season.

The premise of season one sees Elliot Stabler returning to the NYPD after a devastating personal loss – the death of his wife.

Most of the season deals with who caused her death, with the explanation of it passing by causing some fans to miss it.

On Reddit, fans have been discussing the details of season one, putting together the pieces to explain why Kathleen was killed.

An explanation is given during the show but by the time the credits roll on the season finale, it can easily be forgotten.

On Reddit, one fan wrote: “Seen all the episodes now and I still don’t understand… why Kathy was killed.

“I’m sure I watched it fairly closely but I must have missed what exactly was the connection between Stablers and Wheatley before the series began to cause them to kill her.

“Stabler didn’t appear to know of Wheatley when Bell introduced him as the target of the operation.”

Despite the confusion, another fan swooped in to clarify exactly what happened before the events of season one.

The fan goes into detail on the events which lead up to Kathleen’s death but they sum it up succinctly at the end.

The fan writes: “Richard (Dylan McDermott) lied to Angela (Tamara Taylor) and told her Elliot killed Rafik, instead of Richard himself, so Angela retaliated against Elliot based on said lie. Elliot had a vague knowledge of the Wheatley family from his work in Italy.” (sic)

Essentially, Kathleen was killed out of revenge over a misunderstanding.

Angela wanted to get revenge for the supposed killing of Rafik, but this was a lie told by Richard in order to get Angela to lash out at Elliot.

Most of this is explained during the finale of the show, when Elliot finally confronts Angela for her crimes.

Richard will return in season two of the show but he will not be the sole villain this time around.

Season two will expand on the story of season one, opening it up beyond the very intimate narrative of the first season.

Fans don’t have long to wait for season two either, with the release date set for September 23, 2021.

The second season will likely continue to explore the aftermath of Kathleen’s death and the impact it has had on Elliot.

Fans have been loving the latest Law and Order spin-off, with many of them taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on season one.

One fan commented: “Law and Order Organized Crime is so good omg.”

“I like Stabler so much more in Law and Order: Organized Crime,” another added.

A third posted: “@Chris_Meloni when is the next episode of Law and Order Organized Crime? I need to see you on tv again.”

Law and Order Organized Crime is available to watch on NBC.

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