Line of Duty’s Terry Boyle star opens up on future of BBC series ‘Hopefully!’

Line of Duty: Nigel Boyle on the possibility of seventh series

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Line of Duty star Tommy Jessop played Terry Boyle in the latest series of the BBC drama and stole the hearts of the nation with his remarkable acting. He quickly became a major character in the series and delivered some of the most nerve-racking moments of police thriller scenes. Tommy also soaked up the crowd’s appreciation at the NTAs in 2021 as he accepted the award for the series. He recently opened up about the latest series and hinted at the possibility of another season.

Line of Duty writer Jed Mercurio quickly made Tommy’s character a key member of the cast, so much so that some viewers thought his character was the infamous ‘H’ they were trying to hunt down.

Speaking exclusively to, Tommy spoke about his experiences on the show and said: “I was utterly speechless and overwhelmed.

“[I’m] really grateful and honoured at all the support from so many people, and I really do hope that I can live up to it.”

When asked about how he felt accepting the TV award, Tommy grinned with pride and revealed: “Utterly speechless.

“One of the many mottos that I live by in real life is actions speak louder than words.”

Tommy revealed that he thought series six was the “best one yet” despite a lot of viewers being annoyed and let down at the true identity of ‘H’.

“I knew the identity of ‘H’ straight away, so [I] decided to keep it top secret!” Tommy joked.

Speaking on whether he thinks there will be another series, he revealed: “Hopefully, yes I would [like to be in the next series] and to quote Terry Boyle – ‘No comment’.”  

Series six saw the identity of ‘H’ exposed, who AC-12 detectives Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) had been hunting down.

It was revealed “The Fourth Man”, who was at the top of the police corruption, was none other than Ian Buckles (Nigel Boyle).

The incompetent detective had been hiding in plain sight since the first series in 2012 and had fooled everyone.

The revelation divided the fandom, with @JustmeNo1Mikes writing on Twitter: “I can’t lie, I didn’t expect ‘H’ to go out like this, we need more, please.”

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@michaelhogan commented: “BUCKING HELL, the OCG! It’s DSU Ian Buckells! #LineOfDuty.”

@wordsplease added: “6 seasons only to announce H is BUCKELLS, I’m crying #LineOfDuty.”

Jed Mercurio has previously shut down rumours of another series, writing on his Twitter account: “Tabloids announce new season of fake #LineOfDuty clickbait, claims TV insider.”

While the future of Line of Duty remains uncertain, Tommy has recently been announced as the new ambassador for charity Mencap who advocate for people with learning disabilities.

Speaking about how he felt and what his aims were for being affiliated with the charity, Tommy said: “[It’s] a really proud and good honour for my career to be the new ambassador for Mencap.

“I plan to try and stop people saying that people living with a disability cannot do certain things because I want to say, ‘Yes, we can, and we will help you!’

“We are born the same, [but] because we don’t all have the same chances in life, I want people to understand we can do things, we should be able to lead healthy happy lives.

“There are 1.5 million people living with a learning disability including down syndrome in the UK, so it is a bit overwhelming trying to be a voice for them all because everyone is different in their own way.

“But it really is a brilliant opportunity to try to make a difference for them, and I really am proud of supporting them.”

Teasing any upcoming jobs he has, he revealed: “Well, I could tell you what I would like to be in, I would really like to get my teeth around a really strong character.

“Like someone who can save the day like a Marvel film, most of my upcoming work is top secret.”

Line of Duty series 1-6 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

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