Love Island 2019: Arabella and Tom get their sashaying orders as Casa Amor contingent revealed

Episode 22 saw Caroline Flack’s third appearance on the show – resplendent with close-ups of appendages wibbling without abandon in slo-mo.

Unbeknownst to those assembled, viewers (in the UK) had been voting in their droves to keep Michael and Amber, Molly-Mae and Tommy, and even Lucie and Anton (even though they’re not a proper couple) in the Villa.

Four couples were left vulnerable.

Danny and Arabella, Curtis and Amy, Jordan and Anna, and Maura and Tom.

As has become customary, the remaining couples had to choose who to boot out; a girl from one couple and a boy from another.


As much as I too wanted to the back of Danny’s flat head; to say Twitter collectively rejoiced to see Arabella sashay towards the door is something of an understatement.

Speaking of her time in there, she said “I think I did everything in the right way… I knew that I was in danger because I was the newest Islander (um, you also acted like you owned the gaff)… I was still surprised though…

“I don’t know if Danny will stay now I’ve gone. That decision is with him. He was gutted when I left and said I had given him the best week of his life. It’s up to him though. If he does stay he might be scared of jeopardising things with us.”


Meanwhile, the girls decided to let Tom go. Hardly surprising given the almighty amount of NONSENSE he’s been spouting over the last few days. True, Jordan telling Anna what Tom had said to him in confidence regarding Maura being “cringe” did have him backed into a corner, but – even still – he was incapable of admitting the truth.

Tom, reminder, there are cameras everywhere.

After being called out on his behaviour (again), Tom still felt entitled to defend himself, so he took himself away to the Beach Hut to say… “Maybe I should have said something last night when she asked me if there was anything else.

“But because I was passed that personally, I didn’t think it was going to come and bite me in the a***.

“I would have apologised, I could have cleared it up, but instead, she’s just screamed at me in front of everyone and then stormed off saying she doesn’t want to talk to me. Well that’s not mature is it?”

Anyway, at least he got to leave with fellow model Arabella. They can sob beautifully across each other’s broad shoulders – until they’re “passed that personally”.

As for what Tom said in his exit interview. Regarding Maura, he said, “There wasn’t really another option.” Speaking about his fellow Islanders, he added “Danny and I had a lot in common.” Indeed.


Moving swiftly back to business, Molly-Mae and Tommy went on a well-earned date in light of what happened during the Online Buzz game where one Tweeter branded Molly a money grabber.

While the pair were out of the villa, the conversation soon turned to Lucie’s “Never say never” comment – to which a few of the boys took umbrage. Well, mostly Danny took umbrage, which is all kinds of hilarious considering.

How did the boys hear about the comment? Well, Amy told Curtis, and Curtis is effectively the 20-odd-year-old equivalent of a bored curtain twitcher, so he told all the boys.

Mounting his soapbox, Danny said “In my opinion, that’s disrespectful. Whether you feel it or not, keep that to yourself.”

‘Tis always one rule for him and a different one for everyone else, innit.



Indeed, the conveyor belt of contestants continued unabated, so say howdy to the next batch of willing victims, six boys and six girls – all of which fancy Anton. What are the odds? Oh, and for those turning themselves inside out at the prospect of Tommy’s ex-girlfriend going in there? Sorry to disappoint.

• Lavena Back, a 23-year-old Business Developer from Croydon who would like to “bounce off” Anton.

• Nabila Badda, a 29-year-old “hostess” from London wants Anton. Just Anton.

• Joanna Chimonides, a 22-year-old recruitment consultant from London. Fancies Anton and newly departed Tom.

• Belle Hassan, a 21-year-old makeup artist from Bromley. Her plan is to graft Anton, but she also likes Tom and Tommy.

• Jourdan Riane a 24-year-old model/actress from Essex. She fancies Michael, Danny, Tom and Jordan. So, everyone then. Apart from Anton.

• Maria Wild is 22 and another “hostess” (of the VIP nature), this time from Cheltenham. In theory, she likes Anton, but can’t stop thinking of his now infamous VT saying he has a wandering eye. Nevermind, Maria, given how many of the girls are after Anton he’s not of people to cast a wandering eye over.

To the boys sent in to tempt the ladies…

• Stevie Bradley is a 21-year-old student from the Isle of Man – fancies Lucie.

• Marvin Brooks is an ex-navy Seal officer. The 29-year-old from Bournemouth is currently a personal trainer who fancies “Jessica Alba” and rates himself an 8.7

• Dennon Lewis is a 22-year-old professional footballer from Watford and would definitely give Danny a run for his money and has his eye on Lucie and Maura.

• 22-year-old Essex builder George Rains is a baby-faced blonde who may give Lucie the heebee jeebies. He will probably fancy Anna as he’s a big fan of Kim Kardashian.

• Dan Rose is a bathroom salesman from somewhere I’ve never heard of (Nuneaton?). He’s 21 but looks 35. Describes himself as “a bit of an idiot.”

• Ovie Soko is another professional sportsman (basketball) and from London. He’s 28 so Anna may have her eye on him…

Love Island continues Sunday on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.

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