Love Island fans horrified as Aaron pies Faye so hard she screams in pain and tells him 'you own me some lip filler'

LOVE Island's Aaron Francis pied Faye Winter so hard last night she screamed "you own me some lip filler" – leaving fans stunned.

Viewers heard Faye yelp as her villa mate smacked her in the face with the cream dish in a game of Snog, Marry, Pie.

Aaron even took his time rubbing it in and left cosmetic surgery fan Faye worrying he'd damaged her plump lips

Faye shouted at Aaron: "Oi, you own me some lip filler mate!"

Crying with laughter at home, one fan tweeted: "Aaron hit Faye SO HARD 🤣😭"

Another noted: "that pie from aaron to faye was a proper SLAPPPP"

"Ah the way Aaron pied Faye her glasses went flying Jesus," another said.

And one more tickled viewer wrote: "omg faye getting pied by aaron 'you owe me some filler!' she’s a nutter but i do like her!"

Last night Aaron finally managed to steal Lucinda from Danny, who tried to "knock her down a few pegs".

The two hunks in trunks had been embroiled in a bitter battle over the Brighton babe's affection.

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But cracks began to appear between Danny and Lucinda, with him even mocking her voice earlier in the episode.

The plumber clearly had had enough of her going between him and Aaron, and took his revenge during the Snog, Marry, Pie, game.

Instead of kissing his girl, he decided to pie her in the face – much to her surprise.

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He then fumed as he watched Aaron chose to kiss Lucinda, and her choose him as well.

Danny later revealed he pied the blonde beauty to "take her down a peg or two" after her behaviour started to annoy him.

But instead of coming back to him, Lucinda ran straight off to Aaron – much to his delight.

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