Love Island hit with 5,000 Ofcom complaints after postcard splits Faye and Teddy

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Love Island has been slammed with 5,068 Ofcom complaints after last week's chaos caused by the devious and misleading postcard during Wednesday's episode.

Angry fans came out in full force, with 4,330 viewers complaining that the postcard sent to female contestants was "was misleading and caused unnecessary distress".

Fifty-sex complainants objected to the ongoing fallout from Casa Amor postcard issue and 37 moaned about the episode being left on a cliffhanger.

Also, a whopping 699 complaints were received on Thursday's episode, 682 for the ‘manipulation of Faye & Teddy’.

Ninety-five viewers also fumed about the treatment of Millie over the Liam and Lillie situation.

Fans were outraged by the producers choice to manipulate and upset the cast, especially with Faye Winter and Teddy Soares' situation.

This led to Faye seeking attention from new bombshell Sam Jackson and her choosing him to couple up with him instead of Teddy.

Teddy ended up walking back into the main villa alone, proving his faithfulness to Faye, but she had already recoupled.

Viewers were furious because they felt that this had been due to the producers manipulating the situation for better TV moments.

Luckily for the couple, they have since managed to rekindle their romance and put the Casa Amor drama aside and decided to recouple again during Monday's episode.

The girls chose this time and Faye delivered a witty but heartfelt speech and branded her beau as "her Teddy".

But things hadn't always been as smooth sailing as a previously guarded Faye was very upset by the content on the postcard.

The card showed the hurtful images of all the lads appearing to be cracking on with the new bombshell, highlighting a kiss with Teddy and Clarisse Juliette.

Teddy came back to defend his corner and disputed the claim that he "mugged her off" and explained that it was just for a game and that his head hadn't in fact been turned.

Fans of the ITV2 dating show were that angry they took to Twitter to fume, along with making more formal complaints to Ofcom.

One wrote: "Never seen manipulation like this on the show before."

Another said: "You’ve literally f**ked Faye and teddy , when Faye already has trust issues !! BETTER F***ING FIX IT AND TELL HER TEDDY BEEN LOYAL."

Equally furious, another blasted: "These producers really ruined Faye and teddy for what?? content and views?" and a fifth penned: "Tell Faye the truth!! You can’t have her thinking this about Teddy when he has been totally loyal!!"

The postcard also caused other ladies to sweat with Kaz Kamwi doubting Tyler Cruikshank after seeing him kiss Clarisse in bed.

This urged her to cosy up to Irish lad Matthew MacNabb, with who she has remained coupled up with since.

Love Island returns to screens tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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