Love Island viewers horrified as Aaron adds very odd ingredient to Mary's breakfast

LOVE Island viewers were left horrified as Aaron added a very odd ingredient to Mary's breakfast – unwashed, unpeeled carrots.

The bombshell caused a stir as he entered the villa this week, but managed to get Mary's attention.

The morning after he decided to whip Mary up some treats while she lounged on the sunbed.

Talking with Priya, Kaz, Toby and Liberty, Aaron said: "We are going to do a sweet treats brunch. Sugary sweats because she likes sugary treats. Fruit. Make it look pretty and nice and I'm going to take it over."

As well as a bowl of blueberries and sugary sweets, he also put a whole pot of hummus in the bowl.

But he decorated it by placing full carrots – that were not washed on peeled – around the bowls edge.

Love Island viewers found the mix of vegetables confusing, with one person saying: "Carrots and Candy? Aaron mate what are you on?"

A second added: "Toby and Aaron sticking whole unwashed carrots into a bowl of hummus acting like top chefs"

A third remarked: "Love that Aaron in making an effort it's nice to see but those carrots"


This isn't the first time Aaron has been mocked by fans – who came for his haircut yesterday.

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The hot former footballer was roasted online after fans spotted a wonky trim on the side of his head.

Sharing a series of pictures on his Instagram, Aaron's account stressed that his haircut was normally much fresher.

Unfortunately, Aaron would have been in isolation for at least 10 days in order to remain Covid safe for the villa.

The pictures show Aaron sitting down for various shots with a much fresher fade.

The caption read: "We promise his hair is not normally like this.

"Boys – reminder not to cheat on your barber."

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