Love Island's Olivia Attwood unrecognisable in old pics after fans beg to see shots of her before she had lip filler

LOVE Island's Olivia Attwood looks unrecognisable in old pictures after fans begged to see shots of her before she had lip filler.

The Towie star took part in the viral Instagram challenge where fans request to see pics of her at various stages of her life.

One fan requested Olivia share a photo of herself without lip filler – and she looks unrecognisable in the pic.

Sitting in a white sheer T-shirt and black trousers, the star lets her blonde hair fall down her shoulders as she smiled at the caption.

Olivia captioned the pic: "Paper cut central".

She was also asked to show pictures of her as a brunette and what returned was a photo of her as a 16-year-old.

There was also another photo of her at school, as well as alongside her sister Georgia and her dad.

The star furiously defended her lip fillers in March of this year after a fan told her she was not a "duck".

The message read: "Please stop with the lip fillers. Ur not a duck. Ur so pretty already and U don’t need them.' [sic]"

She instantly replied: “Mind your own f**king business!! And keep your opinions to your self!”

But clearly still wound up by the comment, she posted a video slamming trolls in general for being involved in her business.

She said: “I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that I am someone that suffers with trolling, because I actually feel like, compared to a lot of people, I’m very lucky in that sense.

“But this s**t grinds my gears so f**king bad. I must see these kind of messages more than anything. And they're so good, because there’s always a backhanded compliment in there.

“And it’s always unfortunately a middle-aged woman. I hate to stereotype, but it always, always, always, is. And maybe the reason I don’t get that much trolling is because I always will message people back.”

The Love Island star continued:  “You don’t know what I need, and also it’s none of your f**king business! If I want my mouth to look like a swollen b***hole, that is my choice. Don’t tell me, ‘You’re pretty, you don’t need [it]…’

“F**k off! F**k off, get on with your day, get out of my DMs, that’s it’s it. So anyone else that’s got any like, ‘You don’t need those hair extensions…’ B***h, you don’t know what I need. F**k off!”

Olivia – who found fame on Love Island but now has her own reality show – got engaged to footballer Bradley Dack in October last year.

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