Love Island’s Yewande baffles viewers with ‘small holes’ comment

The Love Island 2019 star revealed that she had a phobia of “small holes” in a chat with fellow islander Michael Griffiths tonight.

In a chat over breakfast, Yewande Biala said: “I have a phobia of small holes.

“Do you know those weird sponges that have loads of little circles? It creeps me out!”

A perplexed Michael replied: “That’s strange.”

It seemed some viewers agreed, with on exclaiming: “Yewande doing all she can to get screen time – I’m scared of holes.’

Another asked: “Why did Yewande bring up the little holes phobia?”

A third added: “LMFAO ‘I have a phobia of small holes’, Yewande needs to calm down.”

However, others related to the beauty, claiming they also suffer from the condition, known as Trypophobia.

One Twitter user said: “Yewande and I have the same phobia.”

Another added: “Yewande saying she has a phobia of holes. Yes same.”

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