MAFS fans cringe as Luke does a striptease for Morag amid claims she 'bullies' him over his appearance

MARRIED At First Sight viewers cringed last night as Luke did a striptease for wife Morag.

The awkward bit of role play came after Morag was accused of bullying Luke by constantly putting him down and criticising his appearance.

Morag sat on a chair clutching a glass of wine as Luke walked out in a fireman's outfit, taking her by surprise.

She exclaimed: "You look amazing!"

He bent over and slapped his backside, prompting her to laugh hysterically. She then set the mood by putting on Another Level's sexy classic Freak Me.

She chanted "take it off" as Luke got to work teasing off his uniform. Embracing his inner Magic Mike, he gyrated and nibbled her neck.

Speaking to camera, beaming Morag said she was "so happy".

She added: "Tonight I really fancy Luke, and I can't wait for you lot to f**k off so me and Luke can have a really good night [laughs]."

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Da strip scene had me cracking up with Morag howlin. yes Luke!!"

A second said: "Luke and morag into role play Strip show starting [vomit emoiji]."

Earlier in the show some were concerned for Luke's mental health and urged bosses to protect him after the Welshman admitted his confidence had taken a battering from his new wife.

Morag has been very vocal about how unattractive she sometimes finds her husband and tonight was no different.

Yesterday she moaned once again about her man's lack of confidence, before talking with him about how they can move forward.

Viewers were then left concerned for Luke when he revealed how every time Morag attacked his appearance by saying "you're not my type, you don't turn me on" he was left "heartbroken".

He then said: "What more can I do? I've changed my image."

Viewers were outraged, with one complaining: "Morag needs to be removed! This is bullying!"

While another said: "We need to protect Luke at all costs please, that man is an actual angel"

This fan tweeted: "Morag hates that he's not confident. So she slags him off and makes him even less confident. Sure. Makes sense."

It isn't the first time Morag has been called out for attitude towards Luke.

After meeting her groom at the alter, she told the camera that he was "not what she ordered".

Then on their honeymoon Morag was called out for "emasculating" Luke.

He was left in tears when she said he was a boy and not a man after he failed to make a move on her.

Morag said: "I feel like you're not treating me like I am your wife. I just want you to be a bit more manly. A bit more romantic.

"I want to fancy you. I do. You're lovely, but I just need more man than boy."

She was also critical of his appearance and style, doubting whether he was the man for her.

Speaking to camera, Luke teared up as he said it confirmed his worst fear, that he wasn't good enough for his wife.

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