Malone in stinging jab at Joanna Lumley’s ‘hypocritical’ calls for rationed luxuries

Malone criticises Joanna Lumley's suggestion to save the planet

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Carole Malone slammed Joanna Lumley’s proposal as a “hypocritical” suggestion to ration luxuries to save the planet, arguing that it is “nonsense”. The heated row came after the Absolutely Fabulous actor proposed the creation of a system of rationing under which people would have points to spend on holidays or lavish consumer goods, eventually helping to tackle the climate crisis.

Speaking on Jeremy Vine show on Five, Ms Malone said: “So back to Joanna Lumley. What she says is every little thing you do counts.

“I actually think that is nonsense. Because every little thing we do a bit of recycling but that’s it.

“None of it matters when you have China saying quite clearly-they are not going to start cutting carbon emissions sort of till 2030. 

“They’re not going to go carbon zero until 2060.


“And you have the same with Russia. They’re pumping it out. 

“So you cutting out meat for half a day a week. It’s nonsense. Boris said the other day quite clearly that recycling is nonsense.”

Co-panellist Matthew Stadlen said: “Do you think it makes it more or less likely, Carole that China and Russia will eventually come on board.


“How can we lead the world if we don’t continue to do our bit?

“We can’t lecture China and Russia as we should be if we are saying well, we can’t be bothered because they’re not doing this.

“It’s about taking small steps. That’s all we can do.”

Ms Malone said: “We are leading the world. We produce 1 percent of global emissions.

“We are leading the world by actions-by what we do.

“China produces 26 percent of global emissions, India nearly the same.

“So you’re talking nonsense. We are leading the world already.”

Joanna Lumley has said that wartime-style rationing could help solve climate crisis, suggesting a point-based system of rationing.
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